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Germanic Hot Cross Buns

Just as well I ordered my hot cross buns in advance, because by 7.30am on Good Friday morning at Glaser’s Bake Shop on 87th and 1st, there were only 3 left. These buns are as delicious as they are scarce, … Continue reading

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Designated Survivor

What a job description! The State of the Union address by the President requires the entire big brass of government to be in attendance in a joint session of the United States Congress. The Vice President, the Speaker, the Secretary … Continue reading

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Tea and Sympathy

A cup of tea and a good lie down seemed the best remedy for the latest chocolate news to hit NYC. Winter storms may come and go ( or not ) but chocolate withdrawal can do permanent damage. As of … Continue reading

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The Cat’s Meow

It may be a little catty to say that New York’s cafe society is going to the dogs. But before you enter the Meow Parlor on the lower east side, you have to remove your shoes, sanitize your hands and … Continue reading

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Power Tower

The predawn light silhouetting a solar power plant in the Nevada desert looked spectacular this week, not just because I was actually in New York, but because the whole concept was like a looking glass into another world. The Public … Continue reading

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( Chocolate ) Babka Yoga

The summer solstice breathed energy into the heart of Times Square at sunrise this morning with thousands of disciples inhaling the light and expelling the darkness. The instructor managed to focus the crowd and be almost oblivious to the surrounding … Continue reading

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Zeppieri and Zeppoles

A hot tip from a well connected Italian friend sent me almost to the end of the line yesterday. The word was that her family bakery was making hot cross buns in the Bronx, and while the Buhre Avenue location … Continue reading

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