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Berlin Wall, NYC.

August is the season like no other in NYC to find travelers with map in hand gazing upwards in search of landmarks. But this vertical city creates a challenge in finding even a colossus like the Empire State Building – … Continue reading

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Katharine Hepburn Garden

Just around the corner from the United Nations on East 47th street is a hidden garden. You can walk past a hundred times – as I have done – and not realize the significance of the space, where a local … Continue reading

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Swimming up Park Avenue

The closest I came to Coogee Beach this summer was the seven block tunnel underneath Park Avenue. While there was no white sand, waves, or even water, there was plenty of sound, and if you closed your eyes long enough … Continue reading

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Making history in NYC

I am very proud to share the news that The New York Historical Society has just acquired an original photograph from Sean’s Dayworker Collection. Last winter Sean accompanied a group of South American construction workers on their daily toiling underneath … Continue reading

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Well MET

I missed out on Charles James the first time around, but sixty years later his style and technique could still help. This master couturier was credited with ‘help(ing) women discover figures they didn’t know they had’ and the current exhibition … Continue reading

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Ice cream artisans

The new face of ice-cream in NYC is as zany as the flavours on offer. A waxed mustache and flesh tunnel earrings seem almost compulsory when your special-of-the-day flavour is brunch. That is, brunch ice-cream – french toast, maple syrup … Continue reading

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Much Ado

Shakespeare would be delighted. Not even a pound of flesh could procure a ticket for his current season in Central Park. Entry is completely free of course, but the only way to join the 1,800 crowd in the open air … Continue reading

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Uzbekistan and back

It is not every day you get invited to a Sephardic wedding, in Queens, where Russian is the language of choice, men and women view the ceremony from different sides of the room, a highly charged DJ welcomes family members … Continue reading

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( Chocolate ) Babka Yoga

The summer solstice breathed energy into the heart of Times Square at sunrise this morning with thousands of disciples inhaling the light and expelling the darkness. The instructor managed to focus the crowd and be almost oblivious to the surrounding … Continue reading

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The Governor’s Lawn Party

Even the sun could not resist the idea of 50 hammocks, unoccupied, just swinging there solo on Governor’s Island. And not just hammocks. The entire eastern end of the island has been transformed from navy stronghold to public park, with … Continue reading

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