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Crafty Australians

The curatorial, the curious and the cute come together in an amazing collection of art and functionality on East 62nd Street. Tender Buttons is a button shop that since the early sixties has become a champion of making beautiful little … Continue reading

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Easter bunnies

The spontaneous gathering of characters and their colorful inventiveness make the Easter Sunday bonnet ritual outside St Patrick’s Cathedral one of the best in NYC. The city blocks traffic on fifth avenue from 49th to 57th Street and without any … Continue reading

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Germanic Hot Cross Buns

Just as well I ordered my hot cross buns in advance, because by 7.30am on Good Friday morning at Glaser’s Bake Shop on 87th and 1st, there were only 3 left. These buns are as delicious as they are scarce, … Continue reading

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Le District

The French are behind schedule. Le District, a grand marketplace on the scale of Eataly but with a french accent, was due to open this week in Brookfield Place on the lower west side of Manhattan. Fromagerie, charcuterie, boulangerie and … Continue reading

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Forget Macy’s!

There were more bird watchers than blossoms in Central Park on the weekend, but reports that crocuses had been spotted in the Conservatory Gardens brought just as much joy. With snowbells, these miniature marvels promise Spring. While the rest of … Continue reading

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Opera at the MET (museum)

Tragedy was inevitable this week, when a witches spell, jealous lovers and dastardly deeds brought true love undone. But this was not the latest opera from the MET on the West side, but rather a week long multi-media event at … Continue reading

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Artful interventions

Snowmen fashioned out of marble by Vietnamese Buddhists under the direction of a Swiss artist who believes in ‘reality hacking’, terrariums where the fantastic properties of synthetic materials meet the phenomena of the natural world, and giant spools representing the … Continue reading

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