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Choux Box

Give me choux over shoes any day. A new French spot on Lexington Ave has the best of both worlds, choux pastry savory and choux pastry sweet. What an excellent light but decadent treat. At a time when blue white … Continue reading

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My suitcase was just not ready to come back. At JFK, my olive green two wheeling 29.9 kilo treasure chest was a no show. Maybe it was the responsibility of carrying 4 tubs of my mother’s precious tomato relish back … Continue reading

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There is no time to sleep! You might miss Jack Sparrow on his way to Comic Con, masked rockers playing in the subway, or the Mary Poppins lookalike at the markets encouraging you not to feed her felted birds… In … Continue reading

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Coffee couture

Coffee is the new black. Maybe not a short black or a long black, but drafted, filtered or expressed, it is the hipster’s first choice. Ten years ago Starbucks was Queen of the roast in NYC, but the Coffee Festival … Continue reading

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The Pope and the Priest

The visit by the Pope to NYC this week took on biblical proportions. Skyscrapers were enrobed in his image and hundreds of thousands of people made pilgrimages to see him. The Pope for President! No-one seemed to mind the street … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

After moving out of one place and into another, and then out again and back again into the same place, I have developed a true appreciation of knowing where my toothbrush is, and a perpetual aversion to cardboard boxes. While … Continue reading

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Bialys and bubbles

At the oldest bialy bakery in the United States the work is done by 9 o’clock in the morning. So to enjoy that irresistible smell of onions roasting inside a pocket of freshly baked bread, you have be downtown early. … Continue reading

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Da Vinci

For the very first time ever last week when entrance to the biggest tennis tournament in the United States was free for everyone, the US Open turned out to be more like the US Closed. Instead of people streaming in … Continue reading

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From Pavlova to Pastrami

While the texture may be vaguely similar – crunchy on the outside and succulent in the middle – the people behind the pastrami at the new general store on Avenue A bought mainly a sense of adventure from their previous … Continue reading

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Scream for ice cream

The latest hotspot for ice cream in NYC was a melting pot of impatience this week, when temperatures went up, lines went down the block and supplies ran out. At 9.30 on Monday night a taste of ‘black ass licorice’ … Continue reading

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