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Ice cream artisans

The new face of ice-cream in NYC is as zany as the flavours on offer. A waxed mustache and flesh tunnel earrings seem almost compulsory when your special-of-the-day flavour is brunch. That is, brunch ice-cream – french toast, maple syrup … Continue reading

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Much Ado

Shakespeare would be delighted. Not even a pound of flesh could procure a ticket for his current season in Central Park. Entry is completely free of course, but the only way to join the 1,800 crowd in the open air … Continue reading

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Uzbekistan and back

It is not every day you get invited to a Sephardic wedding, in Queens, where Russian is the language of choice, men and women view the ceremony from different sides of the room, a highly charged DJ welcomes family members … Continue reading

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( Chocolate ) Babka Yoga

The summer solstice breathed energy into the heart of Times Square at sunrise this morning with thousands of disciples inhaling the light and expelling the darkness. The instructor managed to focus the crowd and be almost oblivious to the surrounding … Continue reading

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The Governor’s Lawn Party

Even the sun could not resist the idea of 50 hammocks, unoccupied, just swinging there solo on Governor’s Island. And not just hammocks. The entire eastern end of the island has been transformed from navy stronghold to public park, with … Continue reading

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Trifle and Triumph

Aunty Elaine would be pleased. One of the hot new favorites this summer at the Williamsburg food markets is trifle. Not the jelly-cake-custard combo of my childhood Sunday visits to the cousins, but a similarly wobbly mass, served in a … Continue reading

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Memorial Day weekend

The Memorial Day weekend saw the city full of sailors, sales and the smell of barbecues. Mainly ours. From our midtown mezzanine we produced enough smoke to make pastrami, and as well as the crunchy black charr, the taste of … Continue reading

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Travel the world through chocolate

Having the words chocolate and travel in the same sentence is a good start. But when you find them in palatable partnership it is even better. A quick errand on Madison Avenue this week turned into an international jaunt when … Continue reading

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I have never felt so clean in my life. At the end of a hectic week I travelled with two Russian women from the heart of NYC to the fringes of New Jersey and found myself in Korea. At the … Continue reading

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Sweet Subtlety

What has long been a hallmark in the midst of increasingly hirsute hipsters in Williamsburg is about the meet a sticky end. Domino’s, once the biggest sugar refinery in the world and a working colossus on the banks of the … Continue reading

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