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Halloween is much more fun than Ebola. In fact Halloween was one big party this year by comparison to the many other scary scenarios in the city, where a cough on the subway can send straphangers into panic. Pop up … Continue reading

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Sant Ambroeus

Sant Ambroeus on the Upper East Side has a reputation for being ‘kinda snoody’ and perhaps that is the key ingredient to it’s success. Well placed on Madison Avenue  and 78th, the Milanese cafe has faux chandeliers above the coffee … Continue reading

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Power Tower

The predawn light silhouetting a solar power plant in the Nevada desert looked spectacular this week, not just because I was actually in New York, but because the whole concept was like a looking glass into another world. The Public … Continue reading

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West Side Story

Four million people in the past year have walked the High Line into the history books. Since 1999 when 2 men founded Friends of the High Line to preserve the weathered old elevated railway line, the project has not only … Continue reading

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If all roads lead to Rome, then no wonder Eataly is busier than ever. In the past four years this mecca of all things delicious has pumped, poured, expressed and served a relentless crowd of visitors and locals. The restaurants … Continue reading

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Book Fare

The International Book Fair at MOMA PSI in Long Island City last weekend was an educational experience, but not for the obvious reasons. Wanting to maintain a literary respectability in the company of my chief librarian sister Louise, and my friend Judy, owner … Continue reading

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MAD world

The Smithsonian is probably one of the better reasons – apart from attending the inauguration of the first black president in American history – to go to Washington. But last weekend the Smithsonian was live in NYC with open days … Continue reading

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