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The Explorers Club

Explorer or adventurer? Traveller, historian or curious…  The Explorer’s Club welcomes you all – although you have to achieve something seriously scientific to become a member. Like land on the moon, or discover the North Pole, or be like Robin Bell, who has just … Continue reading

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This little light of mine

In Sugar Hill, named for the Harlem Renaissance, a building called the triple nickel used to be the home of Count Basie, Lena Horne and Paul Robeson –  and the heart of the jazz scene. Thanks to Marjorie Eliot it … Continue reading

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Happy Australia Day!

My snow globe can take the rest of the week off. There is too much competition in the real world! Snow started falling this morning to initial reactions of joyful exuberance, and it has continued to sweep and swirl over … Continue reading

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It’s all about family relationships. At least that is how the dinosaur docent explained the workings of the dinosaur dynasty at the Museum of Natural History today. The Museum has had a full house all week, welcoming their newest arrival … Continue reading

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Donuts and dough

‘Peter Pan’ is a fitting name for a sweet destination that never seems to change or get any older. But then as far as donut shops in NYC go, it is already old! Located in Green Point in Brooklyn, this … Continue reading

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Bibble & Sip

The new coffee is tea. Or at least tea flavoured coffee. At Bibble & Sip on west 51st street, the most popular trendsetting beverage is Matcha Jasmin Latte. That is, green tea jasmine-infused hot milk. And people think flat whites … Continue reading

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The Hair Whisperer

Fashion-forward ‘scenesters’ be warned, after 50 years of settings trends in NYC fashion, Patricia Fields has decided it’s time to dress only herself. If the devil decides to wear something other than Prada, or Carrie Bradshaw and the girls get … Continue reading

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Party time

The hottest ticket for the season was The Frick Christmas Party. Accompanied by a live quartet in the heart of the Collection, this legendary celebration rolled out 4 suckling pigs, a yard of smoked salmon and a bar stocked with … Continue reading

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Fantasy shopping

What better place to breakfast, or to pick up a few last minute diamonds for the holidays than Tiffany’s…?! My Christmas list has long been finalised, but it was worth popping in this week just to see if there was … Continue reading

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Sleeping on the job

With corridors of conifers, perfumes of pine and fabulous firs, NYC is dressing for the season. On street corners all over the city, Christmas trees that have been trimmed and tethered just for this occasion wait for their chance to … Continue reading

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