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From Pavlova to Pastrami

While the texture may be vaguely similar – crunchy on the outside and succulent in the middle – the people behind the pastrami at the new general store on Avenue A bought mainly a sense of adventure from their previous … Continue reading

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Scream for ice cream

The latest hotspot for ice cream in NYC was a melting pot of impatience this week, when temperatures went up, lines went down the block and supplies ran out. At 9.30 on Monday night a taste of ‘black ass licorice’ … Continue reading

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Today’s soup is beer

The closest a melting Australian can get to Coogee Beach in the middle of a New York heat wave is to score a table at Ruby’s. This beach-like cafe in the heart of Nolita offers a menu that reads like … Continue reading

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French Toast….bagels!

The big bagels stacked by Swedish artist Hanna Liden in Greenwich Village this week may not have the enormous real estate of the big banana or the big pineapple, but they do promote the big apple’s much contested local specialty … Continue reading

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A wild night on the West side

The American Museum of Natural History may not be listed with Airbnb, but they do have tempting alternative accommodation for a one night stand in NYC. Availability is extremely limited, and in fact only three dates are open for the … Continue reading

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Hot in the city

Pink beer would hardly have been the drink of choice of the thirsty fishmongers that worked the docks south of the Brooklyn Bridge for 193 years. But sweltering heat and cold imports can be persuasive and if the fish markets … Continue reading

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Vive Brittany!

My grandmother was not the kind of woman to drink in the pantry. If she fancied a gin and tonic, I know she would have enjoyed it in full view of the neighbours, regardless of any male or moral intimidation. … Continue reading

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The best and the wurst

The fourth of July is absolutely the best time of the year for guilt free consumption of hot dogs. I am not talking the Nathans variety, the chew-free golden-red wiener, marinated for hours in hot water and served on a … Continue reading

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Over the Rainbow

The streets of NYC were glittering with gold on the weekend. Not to mention red, blue, green and purple. With the Grateful Dead showering thousands of followers with multi-coloured tie died roses on the west side of the country, NYC … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice must have been quite a girl. 150 years after that glorious boating trip up the Thames, people all over the world are celebrating the wonderland that was created for her by Lewis Carroll. There are theatrical adaptions in Oxford, … Continue reading

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