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  1. I have listened to your reports with much joy over the last few years. 1992–3 I lived in mid-town Manhattan for 6 months and wish I had known someone like you to guide me. I was there to help one of the Village People get settled in the city. I didn’t do much sight seeing but some things I did see.Every window in the apt . allowed me to see MY Chrysler building. I watched the morning sun hit the metal spire and every night I went to sleep watching the lights on the spire with it’s amazing gargoyles and art deco design. I was appalled that the s.e. corner spotlight was out. I rang the building was put through to Mr John Bruno . Couldn’t believe I was calling him to complain about the light . 3mths later I rang again to ask about the light. They couldn’t get a replacement – I asked why not, told him about the fact that during the 1932 depression the spire lights were not turned on until someone found the light switch in 1975. Another 3 months still no lights the day I left spoke to him again, still no light. Disappointment floored me A month or so later Glenn rang to tell me the light was on at last. I rang John Bruno to thank him for fixing MY building He was so surprised I called him from Oz. My heart is still firmly rooted in NYC and would go back in a flash even though Glenn is no longer with us, I will never forget those 6mths and the Chrysler building manager. I am also from s.aust and have a sister in Port Lincoln. I think you can take the girl out of sa. but not s.a. out of the girl. Well done Gabrielle you brighten my night whenever I hear your voice. Take of my town!

    • What a wonderful story Cheryl and a beautiful memory to share. Thank you. The Chrysler Building has a special place in my heart as well. From our apartment on east 36th street we had a direct view – a spectacular view, and spent many evenings over 12 years watching the colors change on the spire as the sun set and the light faded. And of course, as the lights came on – All the lights thanks to you! I will make a wish for you the next time I see your Chrysler and look forward to the chance of hearing more stories. The Village People…? Wow, that must have been fun!

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