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In 2003 I moved from Sydney ( nee Port Lincoln ) to midtown Manhattan to find adventure and to work with my husband on high end photography & film projects. Since 2005 I have reported my findings regularly to the restless and dedicated on Radio National Overnights in Australia. From sourcing decent coffee to the best markets, or reporting from a shoot in Harlem or on location in the Faroe Islands it has ( and will continue to be ) a lot of fun. But now you have the option to stay in bed and read about it in the morning…..

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  1. Bruce O'Hara says:

    Gabrielle, I just want to say how much I enjoy your fortnightly chats with Rod.
    Fortunately I often seem to stir around 3.00am, so I manage to catch your conversations on most occasions.
    Your enthusiasm and lust for life are an inspiration to me . . . and I reckon your voice is very sexy!!
    Thank-you for your contribution to the programme. I look forward to being able to hear you for a long time to come.
    Best wishes,
    Bruce (O’Hara)
    Tamworth NSW.

    • Christine Mierisch says:

      Great report Gabrielle, we are Melbourne Aussie”s living in Silicon Valley. Our company is Terrajoule, Solar and Steam, a green answer to diesel..I have the same quest over here on the West Coast to find good bread and coffee… “Tunein radio” on my iPhone allows me to listen to the ABC and hear reports like yours and keeps me ‘tuned in’ your photos are inspiring, do you take most of them with a iPhone or a SLR?..Christine Mierisch

      • Thanks Christine – great to hear you have brought some green energy to CA. I take photos with whatever I have with me ( there is always a camera at hand ) – usually my Nikon, but also my iPhone. If ever you get up to Seattle there is a fantastic bakery called Macrina – you may know it already. They make an orange and hazelnut pinwheel that is a work of art. Delicious too!

  2. Di Sims says:

    So glad I have found you and can put a face to that entertaining voice. I look forward to your chats every Friday morning on our ABC. Was on the West Coast in 2000 and am so disappointed that I missed the East Coast but I’m with you in spirit thanks to your enjoyable reports.

    Di Sims
    Macksville NSW

  3. Cherie says:

    I also enjoy the times you are on Overnights

  4. David K says:

    Have you visited this Manhattan restaurant – Chez Josaphine at 414 W 42nd St.
    Wonderful food and ambience, booked a table on-line to coincide with our USA vist last August. Was not disappointed.
    Love hearing your US reports on overnight ABC radio.

  5. idevour says:

    Love the blog and so glad my mum told me about it (she’s an avid listener). Seeing as a) I have my own food blog, b) my best mates just moved to NYC and c) we’re planning to visit in May, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your recommendations. The ‘dessert only’ place is on my list in pen at this stage. No penciling that one in.

  6. Sheryl says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    I wanted to say how I am enjoying your weekly reports, when I catch them. I actually am an ex pat Aussie living in Toronto since 2000, so listen from my office…good timing for me! I do occasionally come to NYC so it’s very helpful to hear your suggestions.
    I think it was you who once mentioned there being a Museum of letters in New York City ? That is to say where original letters for historical figures are conserved. I would love to visit if you can advise on that.

    • Good to hear Sheryl, thank you very much.
      The Academy of Arts and Letters is generally not open to the public, you need to be a scholar or an academic and make a private appointment. That being said I am serendipitously visiting the Academy next week and will report back on my findings….
      You probably already know the Morgan Library on Madison & 36th – they have an excellent collection of old manuscripts and letters, and the original library is worth a visit if only to see Morgan’s collection of first editions. Have a look at http://www.themorgan.org/collections/collectionsLitManu.asp

  7. valerie craig says:

    love listening on ABC radio. You are so articulate and interesting !

  8. Laura says:

    Hello Gabrielle, I have listened to your report on RN for many years ( when awake that is), but have only just added your blog to my email. So inspiring, I am hoping to convince a friend to join me in Turkey. Regards, Laura

    • Many thanks Laura – I am always complimented to hear that people are listening in the middle of the night! I hope you can convince your friend to join you and that you get to Turkey – it really is as fabulous as it looks.

  9. Gabrielle, I enjoy your programme on nightlife, and we have a common interest in port Lincoln.
    I listen most nights and find them most interesting.

  10. I’ve just been introduced to your blog by my mother inlaw…I’m heading your way in October…coffee?

  11. Peter K says:

    Enjoy your chats with Rod Quinn on ABC Overnights.
    Can sense your love of life. In fact. I think you would be happy anywhere. You have a terrific attitude. Keep up the great blogs.


  12. Ray Vingilis says:

    Gabrielle, like so many of the respondents, I too love listening to your report on Rods program. I hope to be in NYC middle of next year & I shall use your site as a tour guide.

    • Thank you Ray – that’s a great compliment. Just to add to your list I’m off to sample a new French patisserie on east 74th – nothing like having lots of choice in the bakery department!

  13. shaaneb says:

    I’ve just moved to NYC from Perth and my best friend’s mum put me on to you, I’ve had great joy reading everything so far!!! I’m getting lots of tips!

  14. Marcella Brennan says:

    Marcella says: I have visited NY 3 times but wish I had found your blog before any of my trips. I seem to have missed so much!!! My late husband and I thought we would do a Christmas in NY as he was always impressed with the windows, snow etc. Might even do it yet! Always listen to you and enjoy your chats.

    • Thanks Marcella – there is always more to do, no matter how many times you’ve been to New York. So yes, definitely look at coming for Christmas. It’s beautiful and the city will be here to welcome you…

  15. Ann Marie says:

    We are a family of five (three teenage/adult kids) heading to New York next June. We only have a few days and want to make the most of it. (It’ll probably be the last big family trip we’ll have!) Can you give us some recommendations for an affordable hotel that time of year?

    • Have a look at my blog under the ‘accommodation’ link and you will see some suggestions. June is a very popular time to be here so hotel rates will be at a premium. Friends have used VRBO ( vacation rental by owner ) and found it good for a family. Just remember to calculate in the added cost of tax to hotel rates when you compare prices….

  16. Rob Richardson says:

    I enjoy your reports with Rod, looking forward to coming back again in 2014.
    Have you been to Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway at 51st St ?
    I found the rates and rooms at the New Yorker on 8th & 34th very good.

    • Many thanks Rob. Ellen’s has been on my list for some time because of the interesting background of the diner – and the great photos. I know it is a popular spot and always seems to be packed with people. I’ll let you know when I get there….!

  17. Steve Smith and Ruth Gould says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    Heard you this am,and joined this morning.A wonderful site,just what we were looking for with a trip planned for August.We noted you suggested an accomodation site called Airbnb.While it has many great places to stay,we have spent hours struggling with the website trying to ensure our emails are being sent.And they are impossible to send an email to as you get blocked with irrelevant questions.Not your problem i know,but is this site dependable and legitimate?Have you had any feedback on them?
    And have you noticed all apartment owners are glamorous and handsome people between the ages of 22-32?
    Any views on the OHM apartments on 11th Avenue,between 29th and 30th.Is this an ok area to walk back to at night.?Or are we too far out of the way for funky restaurants etc?
    Not sure if this is the right place to send this query,please feel free to contact us via the email below.
    Many thanks
    Steve and ruth

    • Thanks for listening Steve and Ruth. This is definitely the right place for your query and as I think a lot of people will have the same questions, I will post a full response in the main section of the blog. For now, the area you are looking at on 11th Avenue is undergoing a huge transformation. The Hudson Yards redevelopment project just north of the OHM apartments will really improve that part of town – I hope! But for now it is stark and soul-less. definitely no interesting restaurants – although plenty of ‘gentleman’s‘ clubs – including Scores – on the next block…

  18. Deborah says:

    Gabrielle I heard you on the radio recently and remembered all those years ago sharing a house in adelaide. Love your commentary sounds like you’re having a ball. I stayed in the east village for 6 months years ago and loved it so many museums galleries etc takes me back to listen to you talk about it all in fact I might have to revisit one day deborah

    • Well hello Deborah and thank you for being in touch! Lots of good memories. You would be amazed at the changes in the East Village, there are even food tours along 7th street these days. It’s definitely time for a return visit…

  19. Howdy doody Gabrielle,
    Craig the baker here, I don’t get to hear you on overnights any more as I work days.
    That’s why I’m on here looking through your blog.
    Thanks for the storeys.
    This came up in my new feed have you guys been/seen any of theses places?

    • This looks very interesting thank you Craig – and great to hear from you. Congratulations on your move to the pastry section – I wonder if you are experimenting with cronut recipes…? Please let me know if you crack it – lots of listeners would be interested in a taste. Meanwhile I will get busy on your list of abandoned buildings in NYC….

  20. Michael says:

    Hello Gabrielle, have heard you on ABC in the early hours of friday mornings whilst travelling to Canberra , my partner and i arrived in NYC just after the huge storm you had there at xmas 2010, could not believe the huge amount of snow everywhere. We had a ball for a few days and have the most wonderful memories of Central park covered in virgin snow with only our footprints visible on the landscape. Not sure where everyone else was but we loved it and have some great pics.,

    kind regards Michael and Leisa

    • Great to hear thank you Michael and Leisa. Yes, that was a fantastic snow storm and isn’t it amazing when you are the first to walk through it?! Lots of make-a-wish potential. Maybe this means you will be coming back…

  21. kamarudin says:

    Hi Gabrielle

    Well ,to begin with i got to know your web site from ABC Radio when online streaming listening them and just like to say thank you for sharing your experiences in New York. Keep doing things you love and share them !


  22. Julie Walden says:

    Hi Gabrielle
    I also am a great fan of you, your wonderful knowledge and fantastic lifestyle. I try to be awake for your sessions with Rod. I have been to New York a couple of years ago and have always yearned to return. Could I please ask your advise, I would love to house swap at Christmas time. We live in beautiful Brisbane and would love to take our daughter and son in law for a “Christmas in New York ” but find accommodation very expensive. Is this a possibility. With you contacts and knowledge I would love to hear from you. We do have a lovely home.

    • Thank you Julie. It’s great to hear you are coming to NYC for Christmas – this is only three months away! There are a lots of options for accommodation and as you are familiar with the city this will be a great help to choose the best area…
      We have had great success in the past with house-swops through Craigslist, and Christmas is a time when many people are on the move so you could be lucky with the dates.
      You can place an ad with the Australian Women in NY network. For contacts scroll to the bottom of their newsletter.
      Also look at airBNB. Rather than looking for a direct swop, you may find it easier to rent out your place in Brisbane locally and then rent someone else’s place in NYC. The only thing is that you may find it hard to get a place as nice as yours ( and there isn’t that swop insurance of ‘you’ll look after my place because you want me to look after yours’….) – but start looking now as places get snapped up very quickly.
      If I hear of anything at this end I will let you know, but please let me know how you get on….
      All the best from NYC.

  23. Laurie Collins - Mayor - District Council of Tumby Bay says:

    Hi Gabrielle, The District Council of Tumby Bay was established in 1906 and we had the 100 year celebrations in 2006. The area which comprises the DC of Tumby Bay originally came from the very large council which was first established around Cowell and bits of that council were carved off to make the smaller more “local” councils we have these days. I had to make contact as I had small medical matter which required me to stay overnight in the Tumby hospital and bugger me but a “Fitzgerald” was one of those watching over me for the night. so it good to know that while you may enjoy where you are you do not forget where you came from. We will keep our ears open for your further reports.

    • Thanks for listening Laurie and great to hear there are Fitzgeralds keeping tabs on you… I know the Tumby Bay Council well from my time at the Tumby Bay Community Health and Welfare Center when Ned Roberts was the Town Clerk. In those days there was a chairperson heading the council, not a mayor. So are you the first?

  24. Rosemary Ayton says:

    Hi Gabrielle
    Great to hear you on radio this week talking about Central Park and High-Line. I have recently returned from 4 weeks holiday in America, spent time in NYC visited both places, a return visit a must. Thrilled I have found your blog.
    Cheers Rosemary

  25. bill hecker says:

    I occasionally hear you on the abc and for the past two years have thought about contacting you as you are an eyre peninsula person about a bar in new York called the eight mile creek.
    I first heard about it on Adelaide radio years ago as it was run by some guys from whyalla and named after the only watercourse in the area.
    I am not sure if it is still operating as Australian themed bars might no longer be in favour.
    I wondered if because of your origins you had heard of it as it was a place to buy a Coopers.
    Bill Hecker

    • I’m glad you did make contact Bill – I appreciate you thinking of me. I went to the 8 Mile Creek once and it was great, but I believe they have closed now. I’m not sure why, but there are lots of other Australian spots that are booming. You will also be happy to hear that Wholefoods now stocks Coopers. So either there are lots of Australians asking for it, or the Americans are realizing that if you are going to drink a beer, it may as well be something decent…

  26. Kevin and Roslyn Tischer says:

    Hello Gabrielle what a fantastic tour guide and ambassador you are for NYC when you return home to Australia or even South Australia we need you to be “our voice” to promote our wonderful country and state as you make everyone want to go and see the wonders through our eyes. You are fantastic to listen to during the night hope you and your family have a happy and safe 2014
    From the Tischer family -Adelaide Hills South Australia

    • Thank you for your kind message – this sounds like an excellent idea! Australia remains a curious secret to most Americans. If only they really knew about the Adelaide Hills – how good those Jonnies taste fresh off the tree – or how delicious the sauvignon blanc is – they would be there in droves. I appreciate you listening and look forward to sharing whatever happens next…

  27. Mark Gilmour says:

    Enjoyed your reports. Listen to the night line & early mornings regularly. Shift worker, obviously, lol.
    If you need to know anything about the Hunter Valley, give me a bell.
    Cheers, Mark.

  28. Anne Bisset says:

    Hi Fitzy
    I would love to subscribe to yours fascinating reports ..would you please add my email to yours listings?
    In anticipation..
    Many thanks
    Anne of Currumbin Qld

  29. Pete Robinson (uncle Pete) says:

    Hi Gabrielle, have listened to your chats with Rod Quinn infrequently for several months now and my heart drops each time. I lived in The Village for 3 years from 2002 till 2005 and what a fantastic place. made a heap of friends there and pyne for the place almost on a daily basis. Your comments both soothe and annoy soothe to keep NYC in my memory and annoy cause I’m no longer there. oh well soon again I hope My local hang was a coffee store called Jacks on W10 and Greenwich Ave. It was for me the centre of the know universe. My partner was working and I was the Trailing Spouse so did a lot of hanging. What a neighbourhood to Hang in for 3 years and what a friendly bunch of locals we encountered. Check out Jacks, and if ya get to meet Jack himself tell him Kiwi Pete recommended the place. A good restaurant 2 or 3 doors down right on the cnr is Grano chef/owner is Maurizio and tell him Pete the Kiwi (Ex Mayor of W10th) recommended the place. keep up the fantastic reports and blog and if I get back would love to catch up. Uncle Pete.
    PS love Sean’s photos and particularly Rods favourite of the young girl at the Easter service. Fantastic
    cheers to yas both

    • Thank you Uncle Pete and yes, what an amazing neighbourhood to hang out in. There is nothing like the West Village. Jacks is officially on my list and if I can find the owner I will certainly pass on your messages ( Ex Mayor of W10th ! ? ) and get more stories to soothe and annoy you…

  30. Pete Robinson (uncle Pete) says:
  31. David ord says:

    Dear Gabrielle it warms my heart every time I listen to you on overnights just knowing there are people like you in the world gives me hope, keep up the wonderful work
    Thank you David ord
    Ps the photograph of the young girl with the candle is memorizing, truly terrific work congratulations to your husband

  32. David ord says:

    Dear Gabrielle once again it is such a pleasure to read your fun and informative blog I don’t know if you are on the payroll for NYC if not they are getting a huge freebie
    I am five days away from my first o/s trip, six weeks touring uk and Europe I hope I can find half of the excitement and fun on my trip as you describe with your exploration of NY.
    I am fairly certain of where my second trip will be, thank you very much

    • Thank you David. Have a fantastic time in Europe – I’m sure you will have a lot of fun and find great adventure. ( I wonder if you will by chance be in Scotland when they have the referendum for independence…?! ) I will keep the wheels turning here in anticipation of your second trip…!

  33. Peter R Budge says:

    Hi Gabrielle I married a New Yorker a few year ago and now live part time here so I love your take on the city via your blog and when I catch you on ABC radio. Went to Little Collins the other day it was great. We love when we are here up on 88 east side so love your recent blog. We are here twice a year for a total of about three and a half months. The rest of the time Yackandandah Victoria. We are both Certified Financial Transitionists, so we catch up on training when we are here. It is fun for me being a newbie when my wife has been here for more than sixty years and I sus out things to do and tell her new things about the city. Your blog helps me on that score. I write home of my adventures and know how much feedback I get and enjoy but nothing on your level. Great work Gabrielle keep it up. Would love to meet sometime for a coffee here or there.
    Peter R Budge
    Certified Financial Transitionist
    Yackandandah and New York

  34. Henry Jackson says:

    Hi Gabrielle, I think I met you in Crete back in the ’82. My name is Hank and about 4 of us from Canada were backpacking. You kinda of hung out with us for a while and we traveled for a bit. I remember you being from Tumby Bay. This sticks in my mind mainly because I met another Australian from Adelaide while I was in India and I called it Gumby Bay and she corrected me and said that a Tennis player named John Fitzgerald was from Tumby Bay and that she knew you as she went to University with your sister.
    I’ll have to look her name up in my records, if I have the right Gabrielle. I hope this is you, when I started reading your blog I realized you have a good sense of adventure and curiosity so it is quite likely.

    • Hello Hank – how amazing to hear from you, and what a memory you have! This is especially funny because Tumby Bay is such a small town, and in your travels you have met two Australians that have connection to it and to each other. Extraordinary. John Fitzgerald is my first cousin & I saw him play tennis at Wimbledon once. That was another great adventure. Sounds like you have been having a few yourself, and good for you. Since I started this blog I have connected – or reconnected – with many people, and it never ceases to amaze me how people find me. Thank you!

      • Henry Jackson says:

        Booking my ticket tomorrow for NY for the end of September and into October for a week. Staying in Hells Kitchen area. Would love to have a coffee or perhaps an ouzo or merely a beer would be fine. I am enjoying your exploits in NY and it is giving me ideas of some of the things I need to do whilst there. Hank

  35. Bruce R Paterson says:

    Gabrielle , Thank for another year of bright , quirky insights of the American “underbelly” …Look forward to your early morning chats with Rod in 2016 ….( ABC monika ..phantom …Sunny Coast )

    • Ah the Ghost who walks! As you know it’s a jungle out there and you never know what – or who – you will find next. I’ll keep the drums in tune just in case. Thanks for listening and all the best for 2016!

  36. Liz Riordan says:

    Gabrielle, I have been an avid listener (if a little irregular due to sleep pattern) I do so love the way you bring NY to life for us, your quirky finds are so precious. We’ve visited twice & it’s far & away my favourite city in the world. Please God I’ll get back one day. Just a little story which I’m sure you’ll empathise with. On a downtown bus one Tues afternoon we weren’t sure where to get off when the v elderly lady in front of us turned to help. She told us that she had been coming into Manhattan, from Queens where she lived, each week for more than 40+ yrs to visit a gallery, show etc & had never been to the same place twice!! That encapsulated NY for us. Many thanks Gabrielle for your wonderful insights

    • Great Story Liz – thank you! Yes, this definitely encapsulates NYC and 40+ years is an outstanding record. The city evolves all the time and there is layer upon layer of discoveries to be made. You come with one list and you leave with another. So you must definitely come back – it’s time to work on a new list!

  37. Patricia Teagle says:

    Hello Gabrielle, it has been sometime since I last contacted you. Have been a bit off the scene for a year or so, but much better now. Heard you last Thursday for the first time for awhile, and it was good hear all your comments. Kind regards, Patricia Teagle ex Port Lincoln.

  38. Hi Gabrielle! I’ve just been recommended your blog by a workmate when she found out I am New York bound in four weeks! I am also from the EP (Ceduna, not as big as Lincoln!) and also do a bit of writing – nothing as wonderful as yours yet haha! I’ll be subscribing to get the latest New York news 🙂
    Keep up the great work!
    p.s. I have also sent a connection request on LinkedIn, hope that’s OK!

  39. Peter R Budge says:

    Hi Hannah and Gabrielle. The website and the Australian ABC reports are great. I live part time in NY visiting twice a year for 2months and 1 month and love following up on some of Gabrielle’s adventure spots. Have my list ready for next trip in April. Also happy to make personal contacts while in NY.
    Peter R Budge
    CFP CeFP

  40. Hi Gabrielle, a friend listens to you on 891 and recommended I look you up. I’m an emerging artist from Adelaide and heading to New York City in September to study a Masters of Fine Art at the New York Studio School of Drawing Painting and Sculpture. I’m very excited about my trip and I look forward to reading more about your experiences in New York. Warm regards, Lucy

  41. Tedd T says:

    Hi Gabrielle, I’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in NYC. I’ve been following your site for some time. My accomodation was Midtown area. As you know, you can walk to all your favorite places on the island from there. I stayed from mid-April to early May, and the weather was perfect. I can’t wait to get back. It’s a magic place. Everyone was so helpful and friendly, and of course all of the information I had accumulated over the years listening to you on ABC…and the Blog…helped me so much to experience an extraordinary adventure. Many Thanks Gabrielle for all your posts, and your special interpretations of this amazing city. Manhattan dreaming, Tedd Turton

    • Ah Tedd, it warms my heart to hear this – thank you for your thoughtfulness in writing. I’m glad your trip was such a great success and I’m sure you already have a list for next time. That’s the great thing about New York – there are always new discoveries to be made…

  42. Kathy Gameau says:

    Love listening to you and Rod. What with your description and looking at your photos everything is brought to life
    I was born and brought up in Port Lincoln

  43. Merle Blatch says:

    I love to hear your reports of America, you cover so many interesting things in your blogs and I specially like the food ones!

  44. Rachel says:

    Hi Gabrielle!
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to you and Rod Quinn. Fabulous segment and it is a highlight of my radio listening week!

  45. John Wills says:

    The Fitzy Report is a gem.Your joint passion with Rod for the Big Apple provides great insight.I have relatives including my wife & son who have been to New York multiple times,but I can astound them with Fitzy Facts they have no idea about.I will visit one day post Trump and I look forward to seeking out some of your hot spots.

    John Wills
    Melbourne CBD

    • And I look forward to hearing your report John! Thank you for this lovely message and for listening. It makes all the difference, and inspires me all over again. In fact as I write with innocent blue skies and sunshine out the window, there is a massive blizzard bearing down on NYC and 12-15 inches of snow expected. So I am wrangling as to how I am going to get to Fat Cat tonight for some jazz ( or at least how I am going to get home ) so I will have a good story for Rod on Friday. I guess either way – music or mayhem – there will be a story to tell….

  46. Thanks Gabrielle, we will all be the poorer without your NY Report on the ABC with Rod Quinn. All the best on your European adventures and may your paths be safe and filled with joy, happiness and excitement.

  47. Jenny fox says:

    Insomnia has allowed me to hear you on radio, love to keep up with your story,
    Jenny Fox

  48. Nothing is forever Gabrielle. Best wishes with your dreams. Thanks for your Reports. You will be missed by many ABC Local Radio insomniacs back in Oz. Stay safe.
    Alice Springs.

  49. David Jarm says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    It’s so sad for us insomniacs that you are leaving Manhattan, but it is exciting that you are now going to be based in Budapest. I have spent a lot of time there, and I am hoping to return a favour by recommending coffee and cake high tea at Café Gerbeaud on Vorosmarty Ter which is at the end of the main tourist drag, Vaci Ut

    • Thank you David – it is now on my list and I appreciate your suggestions. Please keep them coming. The idea of a whole city untasted is toooo good!

      • David Jarm says:

        Hi Gabrielle,
        I may have understated Cafe Gerbeaud. It is a beautiful and elegant building with the style befitting one of the great coffee houses of Europe. The interior and appointments are luxurious. If you are looking for a market, the Central Market Hall on the Pest side near Szabadsag Bridge, is in a beautifully restored market hall with fine produce, but it is also full of tourists. A better market where locals shop on the Buda side is the Feny Utca (Street) Market near Moszkva Ter (Square), not as stunning as the Central Market Hall but is full of local and imported produce. Have fun!

      • Thank you for qualifying David – I totally understand. Cafe Gerbeaud is on my list. But I am not going to just wander in there on any old day. I am saving this treasure for a day when there is heavy snow falling, when the wind is blusting and the only people venturing out will be dedicated adventurers like myself who have been fasting for days. Then I will either have the place completely to myself or will be surrounded by friends. Can’t wait!
        Yes, the Central Market Hall is touristy but I still love it. I have been a few times for fruit and honey, but also because it is near a very good Hungarian wine shop ( Monarchy ). The research is ongoing… I will try the Feny Utca thanks. I need a target destination on the other side so this will be perfect, and the weather is glorious just now for walking. Please keep those suggestions rolling in!

  50. John Wills says:

    All hail “Fitzy”!Looking forward to the usual”unusual” from Buda & Pest.I am retiring in April ’18 & will be travelling in Eastern Europe from a base in Malta.In the interim,I am hoping for regime change with Washington so I won’t be an illegal in the Big Apple or on Route 66! Thanks for the memories so far & good luck with the Movie!

    • What a wonderful challenge John, finding the usual unusual – I’m on it! Congratulations on your retirement, and how fantastic to be based in Malta. I’m with you on the regime change, and I can tell you it feels great to be just that bit further away from the crazy one. Happy planning!

  51. Rob Richardson says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    Thank you for all your wonderful reports it certainly made my visits to NYC more enjoyable especially the bakeries.
    Looking forward to your reports from Budapest & maybe Europe and hopefully our paths will cross on a Red Carpet one day.

  52. Ha Harper says:

    From ago:
    Dawn Brand died recently.
    She had dementia for her last 10 years.
    Reg and family supported her and each other with abiding love.

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