Market nirvana


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3 Responses to quinces

  1. Robert Voss says:

    Thank you for continuing the Fitzyreport, They have always been so interesting and informative. Best wishes on your New Venture.

  2. Loving it all and being transformed with your over flowing enthusiasmI feel I am with you and can taste the beautiful quinces poached with a drizzle of your candied honey that is not caramelised! says:

    Here I am in beautiful New York without you 😩 So will have to do it alone, only to find your incredable enthusiasm is transporting me to Budepest !!! The markets sound amazing & I can smell all the gorgeous produce. Please continue to keep us informed with you colourful and amazing passion for everything. I can hardly wait for your next posting Best wishes Nicki Wyllie xxx

    • What a gorgeous message! Thank you for writing Nicki and sharing a precious New York moment. Enjoy! It’s a great time of the year to be there – and here too! So keep travelling and we’ll exchange notes…. tasting notes!

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