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The experience of the event currently at the Armory on Park Avenue is so astounding it is a challenge just to describe it. So what must it have been for Cate Blanchett to play 13 completely different roles in 13 … Continue reading

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A perfect Pi

Mathematically speaking, there is no equation between frozen puddles and filo pastry. But somehow the seasonal appearance of the former magically conjures up dreams of the latter, along with golden sunshine, blue water and all things Mediterranean. This picture may … Continue reading

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It’s not easy being green

Christmas trees don’t last very long. Especially the frozen ones. In fact the tree Sean and I chose this year would not have lasted 5 minutes – or 5 seconds – in the blazing heat of my family’s Port Lincoln … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas hasn’t even arrived and there is fun and frivolity everywhere. The Frick set the pace as usual for the festive season with a jazz band that had staff swinging while Vermeer and Rembrandt tapped in the background. Mickey … Continue reading

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Presley & Punk

Sotheby’s is on the opposite side of the grid to the museum mile and is not generally listed in the ‘must-do’s’ of the NYC art world. There is a perception that this imposing institution is only for the rich, and that stiff noses and … Continue reading

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Hello and goodbye

The psychologist is in at the Union Square subway station. At least he was a couple of weeks ago, encouraging straphangers to pause and post a note about the presidential pantomime. But what started as therapy quickly turned into a … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

This is a time to pause and be grateful for all the colour, the adventure and the opportunity. To be thankful for the love of family and the kindness of strangers. To know that life is what you make it, … Continue reading

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Buon Appetito!

A small sandwich shop in the middle of the financial district is the last place you would expect to find love. This is the tough end of town, where wolves from Wall Street and politicians from City Hall prowl around … Continue reading

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Blessed are the Cheesemakers

The sun is up, the sunshine is glorious and there is much to celebrate. Forever onward! Sisters are grandparents for the first time, old train sets are running anew for anyone who can fit inside the bubble, leaves are setting … Continue reading

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Don’t say I told you!

The Amateur Comedy Club on East 36th street is a club for members only, they do not advertise and they actively discourage publicity. There are no signs outside, no listing of performances in the press, there are no tickets issued for shows … Continue reading

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