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Sailing the silk routes

There is nothing like an old wreck to make you feel young again. Especially when the secrets of that wreck take you back to the fairy stories of your childhood. This story begins, as told by the docents at the … Continue reading

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Art has gone to the dogs in NYC courtesy of an Australian couple who believe hybrid art brings together the best of all worlds. Gillie and Marc’s canine cameraman have taken up residence in Greenwich Village after a stint over the river in … Continue reading

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Saucy spot

Pomme Frites rule in NYC. When the original spot in the East Village blew up a couple of years ago – along with the whole block – loyal customers not only followed the owners to MacDougal Street and reassembled in … Continue reading

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Melting moments

Just in case there were no Australian models on hand this week to save skaters falling through the ice, Bryant Park’s safety crew spent hours in brilliant sunshine skimming melting water from the rink. At 18*C it was a challenge. Maybe … Continue reading

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Pink Lady

Authenticity dictates a certain kind of behaviour. If one is cosying into a leather stool in the finest remaining vestige of New York’s Golden Era, then it is almost mandatory to sip on a cocktail from the late nineteenth century … Continue reading

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The father of Emoji

Apparently it all started with the heart. About a generation ago Shigetaka Kurita designed a collection of 176 emojis when he worked for a telephone company in Japan. Shigetaka was a regular employee – there was no special commission or copyright, but … Continue reading

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Daily Provisions

The words ‘Daily Provisions’ conjure up images of simple sustenance, fresh flavours and rustic aromas. But don’t be fooled. The place, Daily Provisions takes simplicity to a whole new level – gourmet minimalism. This is a place where less and … Continue reading

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Art & Travel

Usually I avoid the subway like the plague. Because there’s always the chance I’ll catch that instead of the 6 train. But this past week when a massive storm whipped and watered a path up the east coast, there was … Continue reading

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Pink power

The sixties were never like this. Not that there was a lot of activism going on at the Ungarra Primary School in those days – apart from all the girls loving Paul more than John. But at the Women’s March … Continue reading

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The Greatest

It’s a big week. The city is full of spark, with bus shelters on Park Avenue adorned with Trump innuendo, creative graffiti throughout the village, and a random open-top truck driving around covered with ‘making America great again’ and blasting out ‘Born in … Continue reading

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