Beecher’s cheese-making deli / restaurant

Can you believe this? Cheese making in the middle of Manhattan! Beecher’s just opened on 20th & Broadway, with huge stainless steel tubs and swirling machinery visible through the windows, a gourmet deli behind and restaurant downstairs. So far they are making superbly salty curds, a cheddar called ‘Flatiron’, and a washed rind is maturing as we speak. The company is big on all natural food with no additives or preservatives and also like to talk about where food actually comes from. So all their cheeses are labeled with place of origin. It’s great to see another unique addition to this part of town ( recently renamed MIMA, short for for MIdtown MAnhattan ). Eataly is about 3 blocks north and the Union Square Farmer’s Markets are just a bit further to the south.

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1 Response to Beecher’s cheese-making deli / restaurant

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for posting about us! We’ve been so kindly welcomed to New York.
    As a point of clarification, it is the washed rind that we’re making that’s called Flatiron and it will be exclusively available here in New York.
    Our signature cheese is called “Flagship” and isn’t actually a cheddar, as it has couple different cultures in it, including gruyère cultures.

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