Wall Street Occupation

This is definitely not a tea party – although when I went to investigate the occupation last Wednesday, the atmosphere was definitely very festive. The occupation had already been in play for a few weeks, and because of various reports I expected to find more feral than friendly tenants. But going downtown in the late afternoon I was joined by throngs of workers, families and regular people. There were grandmas and war veterans and musicians, not to mention press from all around the world. It was great to see such motivation. I kept thinking about Peter Finch in the film ‘Network’ and how people were just wanting to have their say. In the past week many church groups have added their voice to the 99%, while the Police Commissioner says the City has spent in excess of $2M in police overtime and will see the situation to the end. So with (only) 13 months until the next election, it will be interesting to see what happens next…

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