Princess Mary and I

This week the American Scandinavian Foundation has been celebrating a very successful 100 year history with the royal families of all 5 Nordic nations. After our trip to Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands last year, I have become a regular at Scandinavia House, having a particular admiration for Denmark and it’s friendly and progressive people. ( not to mention it’s Australian Princess! ) I was lucky enough to attend a small event prior to the Centennial Ball, where I spoke to the Head of Communications from the Royal Danish Court about Denmark and the royal visit to Australia next month. She very kindly offered to introduce me to Princess Mary and what a fabulous opportunity it was. In fact that’s exactly what I said to her. She was delightful, graciously accepting my comment that she had set the campaign for a Republic in Australia back decades. We talked about being Australians abroad and secret women’s business, and I do admit to being somewhat star-stuck. I was even lucky enough to be granted permission for a photograph of the 2 of us together. Sorry! Personal use only! You’ll have to call into Mum and Dad’s if you want to see it….  However what I can show you is a list of the formal titles of the Scandinavian Royals, plus appropriate protocols should you be in Tasmania in November….

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