‘Trick or Treat’ took on a new meaning this year when the weather changed from glorious sunshine to snow, and then back to sunshine again. But apart from the need for a jacket over your dinosaur suit, a steady stream of sweets kept the children cosy with calories. Central Park was out of bounds because of the storm, so we ventured downtown along Bleeker Street in the West Village and found a feast of fancy dress. Sharks, strawberry shortcake, pooh bear, chaperoned by witches and masked avengers, were all welcomed by generous storekeepers. It was great to see families out celebrating the mystery and the magic of life and death. After all, even dentists – and costume rentals have to make a living….

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1 Response to Halloween

  1. Mark Lee says:

    Hi Fitzy

    I love hearing your reports and now love your website, keep up this great work. I love your cocktail bar, just wow! im looking for something like that in Sydney, the Marble bar in the Hilton is about as close as we get I think.

    Love your pics, as a photo journalist myself I think you bring credit to us independants, keep going gal!

    Best regards

    Mark Lee

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