Spring forward Fall back

With the changing of the clocks on the weekend, signaling a line in the sand/snow/sunshine for the coming of winter, Central Park was ablaze with colour. In complete contrast, only two weeks ago there was such a violent icy storm that the Park had to be closed for safety reasons. Hundreds of trees were damaged – many because they still had leaves which cradled the frozen snow. With tens of thousands of people expected for the New York Marathon on November 6th the race was on. There was a scurry of activity as saws and mulchers buzzed through the 843 acres of horticultural mayhem. By the weekend, albeit still with many areas taped off, the show went on to break all records. And what a beautiful weekend it was…

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1 Response to Spring forward Fall back

  1. Louise says:

    Thank you Gabrielle for sharing the lovely colours of Autumn in NY! Beautiful and breathtaking xxx

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