When I first came to live in America, I didn’t get involved with Thanksgiving. It seemed like a tradition of turkeys and pumpkins and craziness that I couldn’t identify with.

But things have changed and now I relish this time of giving thanks. We still don’t do turkey and pumpkins, but we celebrate the day with each other and close friends.

As the ( NZ ) rack of lamb and apple tarts await the hour, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who listens to me in the early hours, who read my stories on the blog, and who share my adventures. Many thanks and many more!

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5 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Gabrielle … I always enjoy listening to your ‘reports’ with Rod Quin on overnights. This is a great blog site as well – lets me visualise what you have talked about on the radio.

    May I take this time to wish you; Sean; your family, friends and colleagues a very happy thanksgiving.

  2. lynda says:

    HOPE IT WAS A GREAT THANKSGIVING GABRIELLE, love your blog, almost would love to come!xx

  3. Lee Gillespie says:

    Hi Gabrielle, Thanks for your blog I enjoy following your adventures and outings. What nights do you talk to Rod as I seem to have been missing them of late? I love NY too!

    • Thanks Lee, good to hear. I usually talk to Rod – or Tony – on your Friday mornings about 3am eastern standard time. I was on last week, so next broadcast is December 9th. You would have loved it in NYC today – 18*C and glorious sunshine!

  4. Bertina says:

    I too love the reports in the early hours. I have missed some, thought it was Thursday nights, but will make sure I don’t miss Friday 9th. Your article on Sabarsky took me back to Vienna which is crazy as you’re in NY! Much to my husband’s horror, I always had a very meaty feast at breakfast in that country! Thanks for all the time you spend writing back to us in Aus. We all appreciate it and I certainly travel along with you,although think we would give Vagas a miss! Love seeing the glorious autumn colours on the trees. Will look forward to your future travels for work and pleasure.

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