That’s it, I doubt if I can ever cook lamb cutlets again! After going to the Aria Wine Bar in the West Village on Sunday and tasting their charr-grilled succulent chops, served with rosemary, gossamer thin garlic baked potatoes and an outrageously delicious balsamic jus, I have thrown in the towel. Of course they were New Zealand chops, but everything else was very Italian. The bread, even by itself was worth going for. Aria has small portions, designed to be eaten like tappas, which is great for tasting and sharing, and that’s exactly what we did. For starters we had a plate of fresh mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes and prosciutto. The mozzarella was actually burrata, a creamy variation that oozes with deliciousness when you cut the cheese open. Then the lamb, then Pappadella with a slow cooked ossobuco sauce. Magnificent. It was sweet and sticky, and made me think I may even have to go back to the drawing board with my pasta…. Good grief, and then there was desert…. I may never cook again.

The restaurant is open for dinner during the week and all day on Sundays. It’s casual in the sense that you can wear jeans and just pop in for a glass of wine and a quick bite. But there are too many good things on the menu to rush, and there is also the wine list to consider. All their wines come from female winemakers. An excellent boast. But that’s not all, they are very reasonably priced AND they’re open on Christmas Day…!

( Reservations +1 212 242 4233, 117 Perry Street )

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1 Response to Aria

  1. lynda says:

    oh Yum – and all i’m making is a “Nigella” alami pasta for dinner!

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