Happy New Year with strawberry butter

It was like Spring here for the first day of 2012, with absolutely glorious sunshine and blue skies. Riding through Central Park, everyone was out to enjoy the day. Locals and tourists were walking without coats and gloves – even the ducks seemed amazed that they were swimming rather than skating. Had it been typical of this time of the year, we would never have contemplated the late run on brunch and the queue that would normally keep us in the cold for 30 minutes. But today we relaxed in the company of strangers outside  ‘Good enough to eat‘ on the upper west side, patiently waiting our turn. In the end we had a choice of the table by the door, or in the hidden alcove behind the cake cabinet. That’s a choice? Of course we took the alcove, which somehow enhanced our experience, viewing the entire restaurant through a landscape of lavishly layered cakes.

‘Good Enough to Eat’ is an earthy local eatery on Amsterdam and 83rd known for it’s pancakes and it’s hash. I’ve always been a big fan of comfort food, but this whole place is comfortable – Human League seem to have been playing happily since the place opened in their heyday, the ambiance is casual and warm, and there are cows peering down contentedly from all aspects of the room. On top of that the food is generous in flavour and size, with an unmistakable handmade freshness. I went for the special – lemon poppyseed pancakes topped with strawberries and banana, and served with bacon, maple syrup and strawberry butter. Success! The pancakes were superbly light and the strawberry butter was unusual and delicious. I took a photo before I added the maple syrup – no-one should know how much I like maple syrup on pancakes…

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3 Responses to Happy New Year with strawberry butter

  1. Pauline Conolly says:

    Loved hearing your report on the ABC last night Gabrielle. I share your birthday and in 2001 spent my 50th in a snow covered but sunny New York, breakfasting at all sorts of wonderful places. I remember my birthday lunch was at the Riverside Cafe at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge & that afterwards we strolled home in the sunshine across the bridge. Subsequently I wrote a piece about it for The Australian, which helped pay for the holiday!

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