The Pan

Pier 66 on the Hudson is the home of The Pan and is also likely to be the home of many sunny lunches this summer. An old lightship docked at the pier adds to the tumble of interwoven walkways and sculptures that makes up this whole hospitality haven. It’s a clever design and really looks like fun. The sun was just approaching the yard arm when we called in on the weekend, and even though we had a picnic planned, we were tempted to indulge in the delicious looking burgers or just to retreat to the crows nest – as one man had with his pipe and paper, and enjoy the breeze. But not so the peace, as, descending down to deck level, the many boxes of Coopers were a dead giveaway that Australians were about to party. The whole of the end of the pier was roped off for a private function – Of course! It was an Anzac Day event, the band was setting up and the pies were about to arrive…

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