Sweet and Swedish

For the totally addicted lovers of Swedish licorice who find themselves wanting in New York City, help is at hand. Ha en sot dag! Sockerbit on Christopher Street & Bleeker has a huge selection of sweets free of transfats, artificial colors, and genetically modified ingredients. So any cravings you feel for Nordic nourishment are completely natural. This shop is the only one like in the USA, not only for it’s sugar cube design, but also for the sweet diversity of rhubarb flavored, sour jelly and licorice-everything candy. My only advice is to take your time in choosing, for in true Scandinavian fashion some sweets are very salty and some are very hot – the thunder and lightening so typically associated with Thor, did not just come from his hammer….

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2 Responses to Sweet and Swedish

  1. lynda says:

    what a vast choice!!!!!

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