Five boro bike ride

Today there are nearly 40,000 cyclists joining the Five Boro Bike Ride through New York City. That’s a lot of bikes! Streets are blocked off and hundreds of police and volunteers line the 40 mile route through Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We rode up Sixth Avenue in front of the police and the pack, although stopping for a couple of photos saw the first wave of super athletes dash into Central Park way ahead of us. But it is not a race, people come from all over to ride, raise money for charity, and to share the joy. We met some Australians, spotted a superman, a wine club and some distinctive helmets. My friends Dotsy and Kim are riding this year to raise money for multiple myeloma research, and if you are able to help – with much gratitude – you can do it here. Let’s hope all those riders have a safe day with much success!

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