Searching for Turkey in Manhattan

While we all know that the experiences of one amazing place cannot easily be transferred to another, accepting it is another thing – and this is New York after all. If the taste of Turkey can be transplanted anywhere in the world it is going to be here! So after an extensive internet search, I set off with high hopes to investigate Gulluoglu on the East Side.

The cafe was relatively busy with customers inside and out, and waiters running glasses of tea back and forth. An excellent sign. Pastries, cheeses and baclava filled the glass cases and there were endless sweet cakes and Turkish delight. We ordered a mixture and happily identified Istanbul landmarks on the table top photograph as we sipped our tea.

It was fine, almost a fix, and we’re grateful. But it’s time to get on with New York, and time to start planning the next adventure….

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2 Responses to Searching for Turkey in Manhattan

  1. Chrissy Hirst says:

    aaaaagh! if only in Hervey Bay Oz! Off to Hong Kong end of July – hoping for some great Chinese whilst there!! Would love to have you on my community radio show if ever possible (:>

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