Summer Streets

For the first three Saturdays in August Park Avenue is closed to cars all the way from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, and the result makes you wonder how there was ever room for cars in the first place. Summer Streets is hugely popular, not just for the bikers, skaters and runners of the city, but also for all bike related vendors who make the most of the opportunity to show off their wares. I actually hit the streets very early on Saturday, driven by the sleepless humidity and the anticipated joy of that sliver of time between the police locking down the street and the arrival of the two tyred tourists. It was a cool and empty passage from here to the Bridge, like omega woman on wheels – fabulous! But the racks of bikes that lined the street on the way down were gone by the time I loitered at City Hall and turned around. Queues for the free bike rentals went around the block, as the olympicly inspired along with the wobbly wheeled showed there are some things you never forget…

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3 Responses to Summer Streets

  1. says:

    Which begs the question -“wobbly wheeled OR Olympics-inspired”???? Chrissy

  2. Andrew Box says:

    Thank you for your ongoing reports.

    You fill my mind with the anticipation of getting to New York one day in the near future.

    I file each of your blogs so I can drag them out when my wife and I plan our tour.

    I loved the dancing in the park and the entertainment that the city puts on during the summer.

    I think that Sydney City should look at emulating this vibrant city.

    Keep up the blogs


    Andrew and Cheryl Box

    • Many thanks Andrew – I appreciate your time in writing. It’s a pleasure to be able to share this amazing city and remember, it’s always a good time to come to New York!

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