Street Art

The art galleries in New York are full of amazing collections and rare exhibitions. You can spend weeks exploring them and still not see everything. But the joy of New York is that you don’t even have to go to a gallery to see art – it is everywhere. Just strolling up Park Avenue from Grand Central to Central Park takes you past a feast of artistic works. It is an avenue of inspiration, a  evolving showcase of surprise. So don’t limit yourself to MOMA and the Museum mile, have a peek at Park…

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7 Responses to Street Art

  1. Good shots, as always, Fitzy!!

  2. Annie says:

    Seeing street art is so inspiring. We have 50 elephants that have been on show around Melbourne CBD.
    Sadly they will disappear after they have been auctioned to raise money for conservation.

  3. Barbie Barker says:

    Hi Gabrielle – do you know if the “Survival of Serena”, a sculpture of a swimmer in the Petrosino Square near Soho, is still there, and if not, where it has gone? I stumbled upon it last year when visiting NYC from Adelaide, and absolutely love it.

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