Wine tasting in RedHook

If you were thinking of going wine tasting in Brooklyn this weekend you are out of luck. Sandy is on her way, so there is no subway to get you to the ferry, no ferry to get you to Red Hook and in fact no people at Red Hook to serve you a glass of wine because they are in Zone A and have to evacuate. But if you have joined the queues lining up for essentials you will probably have a bottle handy anyway, so hunker down and enjoy a drop by candlelight….

Amazingly when there are no hurricanes expected in NYC, you can go wine tasting in Brooklyn on the weekends. Best approach is courtesy of the Ikea ferry from Wall Street, which will not only give you a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty on the way over, but also land you in close proximity to Steve’s key lime pies. We were visiting midweek, so I can’t speak to the skill of the winemaker, but I can vouch for the pies – delicious – maybe because making them really is a family affair. But after this week, when wind and waters wane, there will be a new reason on the list of why Steve may be closed…


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3 Responses to Wine tasting in RedHook

  1. Traci says:

    I enjoyed this post because I’m known for the mini key lime pies I make my students. I tell them key lime pie is either something you’ll love, or you won’t ever want to see it again.

  2. Lucy says:

    Good luck with the stormy conditions ahead. Lucy

    • Thanks Lucy, that’s very thoughtful of you. It was amazing how peaceful and still it was here this morning in Midtown. Perfectly still and just gentle misty rain. I went for a ride to get some pictures, but since I came back the wind blows in dramatic bursts and the rain is getting heavier. So we’ll see what happens when Sandy arrives…!

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