Beaming from the Big Apple

We are back in business!

My first order of the day is to thank you for your most welcome messages of solidarity. Sean and I really appreciated knowing you were with us, it made all the difference. So I shall think of you as I ride the lift, jump under a hot shower and hear the chink of ice in a timely tipple. We are packing away our miner’s lights and giving our iphones the weekend off. Camping is so last week, and we now have a new list. There is much to be done and not a moment to lose. So let’s get on and see what we can do…

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2 Responses to Beaming from the Big Apple

  1. Janet Allan says:

    Dear wet and hibernating people.

    We were most concerned for you all. And glad is getting back to normal. Lets hope they all go out and vote. I love NYC so I’m pleased to be able to get news from you as we’ll as the girls on The View.

    Cheers Janet

    • Thank you Janet! The sun is shining on this gloriously calm Sunday morning – you can hardly believe it was ever any different. Mobile polling stations are being set up as we speak for Tuesday, our next big challenge. This time we really do want a surge!

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