The Angel in the Stone

Sean and I are working around the clock in anticipation of December 28th. This is our deadline to submit our documentary about Joey, the charismatic driver of the rich and famous, to the Tribeca film festival. Editing is an intense process, which has meant forgoing previously anticipated events like seeing David Byrne ( Talking Heads ) talk about the impact of the digital age on music. But it’s a small price to pay, we are sparking with creative energy and finding inspiration in our own music. Australian composer Matteo Zingales is writing the score for us ( as he did for The Hunter ) and piece by piece we are finding the angel in the stone.

Of course Christmas is also on a deadline, and there was much proof of this at the markets yesterday morning. Wreaths and trees were in abundance – there was green everywhere – a bonus of colour and fragrance to decorate apartments of all sizes. In fact the whole of NYC smells of pine, with netted Christmas trees stacked in makeshift outlets on street corners around the town – like sidewalk forests, glittering with coloured lights and anticipation. I love this time of the year.

The Santa Lucia festival is usually celebrated on December 13th – a Nordic Christmas tradition based on light overcoming the darkness. But I was lucky to spontaneously share an early observance on Friday, when the candles were lit and the songs were sung at Scandinavia House on Park Avenue. There is much to celebrate this year – as always, and while I don’t plan on wearing a headdress of burning candles, I will be happy for the enlightenment. 19 days to go…!

christmas trees1christmas wreathchristmas3IMG_0828IMG_0831IMG_0837

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4 Responses to The Angel in the Stone

  1. Bernadette Cook says:

    Good luck with Joey’s story I look forward to seeing it.
    Thanks for all your great tales from NewYork I’ve loved reading them.
    Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a fun filled new year
    Cheers Bernadette

  2. Robin Janke says:

    Dear Gabrielle, I am a long time listener to your segments on ABC radio back home in Australia, Brisbane is my home. I am currently in New York City visiting my daughter who lives and works here. I am curious to know if supporters of your report or radio segment ever meet up with you for a chat? I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes for the Festive Season, Robin.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thanks for listening Robin and welcome to NYC! I meet up with listeners whenever I can – it’s always good to catch up on this side of the world. But I’m on a deadline until December 28th with Joey, so the next couple of weeks I’m committed. However, please do some of the things I would otherwise be out there doing – like going to Sotheby’s to see the piano that was used to play ‘As time goes by’ in ‘Casablanca’, or calling into the Lennox Lounge in Harlem. The LL has been sold and will change hands after December 31st. It is really worth seeing, especially if you are a jazz lover, and is part of Harlem history. You can always pop around the corner from there to the Red Rooster on 125th street… Fantastic that you are here with your daughter – have a gorgeous time – there is even snow forecast this weekend!

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