Cheesy language

Slooshing through the snow on our bikes last weekend, Sean and I slid to a stop at the Bedford Cheese shop in Grammercy Park. At first glance it looked like a premium gourmet deli, and once inside, the sight of all that fabulous cheese immediately made our pockets feel lighter and our hips much heavier. But that was before I realised this was no ordinary cheese shop. Bedford is a place where both the original Monty Python team and the most discriminating cheese maker would feel equally at home. There is as much wit as there is choice, and the staff are happy to accommodate – they even offer classes, sharing the pleasure of pairing cheese with champagne, whiskey or beer. The shop is a library of lactic laughter, and in this exclusive genre the owner seems to have set a new standard for cheese appreciation. Charlotte Kamin is a tough act to follow – a visit to Saxelby Cheesemongers down the road did reveal something of the same vein, although I’m not sure what the big cheese would have to say….


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7 Responses to Cheesy language

  1. Love it, especially the humour.

  2. Dallas Colley says:

    Hmm, delicious looking cheese delightfully explained. Just add superior Australian quince paste and all is good with the world!

  3. samanthahillman1 says:

    This is my favourite New York cheese shop! There is one in Brooklyn too.

  4. Marion Kruger says:

    Great stuff, love your blog and your radio interviews on the ABC. Thanks. Marion Kruger at Geelong

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  5. Norris lewis says:

    What a student of food is this Fitz !
    AND her eye (or nose) for brilliant humour. I envy her connection with the use of the language wth some life in it.
    Boy, I can even feel the heart beat in such a great blog
    Norris chapel hill.Q.

  6. Peter says:

    Aahh, the Bedford Cheese shop, I remember it well. The early Sunday morning coffee, the fabulous toasted sandwich and not to forget, the wonderful company. I think I was too absorbed with the range of cheeses and the cheese making area to pay the attention due to those well crafted signs! A truly magnificent experience, yet so typical of NY.

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