United Enemies

The Public Art Fund has done it again with a magnificent exhibition of artwork at the southeast entrance to Central Park. German sculptor Thomas Schutte has created two pairs of intriguing characters that are at the same time regal, political, and theatrical. They appear to be at odds with each other, but then they are bound together by ropes and stand on stilted poles. No chance of escape. Being cast in bronze doesn’t help. But what a fantastic statement of character – and what a position, just outside the ‘scholar’s’ entrance to the Park. This will give us much pause for contemplation over the summer – because we know it’s coming, the art heralds the change of season – and even enemies are united in anticipation…


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4 Responses to United Enemies

  1. Dallas Colley says:

    I was lucky to see these sculptures in Hyde Park London October 2012, I was very impressed and walked around them several times in amazement pondering the potential meanings. Thank you Gabrielle for the reminder.I can imagine them gracing Central Park.

    • These fellows are well travelled – and great to share with you Dallas. It was so cold the day I saw them it was hard to even take my gloves off to get the photographs. But what faces! And the frustrating cosiness of them being bound together – will be interesting to see if the emotion changes when the temperature goes up….

  2. Brigid Tancred says:

    Great that you enjoyed the latest Public Art fund sculptures, Gabrielle. Of course you know that the director of the fund is an Aussie, Nicholas Baume.

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