Easter favorites

My annual hunt for the perfect hot cross bun has not been in vain. Maison Kayser may not have put themselves in the race, and Breads Bakery are cooking for a different holiday. But you can always rely on Amy’s, who not only provides a perfectly moist fruited bun, but who reminds us that there are plusses and minuses to everything. I don’t know if it was the apprentice who iced the very distinct message but I got it and the buns were delicious too. The idea carried with me to the Macy’s flower show that is now so popular they house it in a huge tent in Herald Square rather than in the store itself, and the queue goes on forever. But the good news is that there are flowers to see in the magnificent window displays while you wait, and of course once you get inside you know Spring is here. What more could you ask for, except perhaps an old Easter favorite….


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4 Responses to Easter favorites

  1. The best Hot Cross Buns are in Strathalbyn, SA, at Pestka’s Bakery, or, at Millie’s Bakery, Mt Barker, SA, of course!

  2. Peter says:

    The view from the balcony displaying the Belgian chocolates looks wonderfully familiar.

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