The Easter Bonnet Parade

There was a spirit of joy on Fifth Avenue today for the Easter Bonnet Parade. The tradition of emerging from Sunday Mass and strolling along in your finery may have modified slightly over time, but the essence is the same. So many people went to so much trouble to dress up and share the day. There were professional milliners showing off their skill, puppeteers, families, dapper gentleman, couples out for a stroll in their Sunday best, a few sorry bunnies with a little commercial interest, some French visitors loading up on Lindt to take to friends, but mainly it was people having fun. Just look at all those smiling faces! Fifth Avenue was closed off from 44th to 57th Streets and it was packed with paraders swanning along and posing for photographs. I think my favorites were the April showers and May flowers, but it was a tight call. Apparently even the Cardinal from St Patrick’s Cathedral hoped he would be in the running for best hat….

Sean Kennedy Santos ©07
Sean Kennedy Santos ©08Sean Kennedy Santos ©12Sean Kennedy Santos ©14Sean Kennedy Santos ©18Sean Kennedy Santos ©19
Sean Kennedy Santos ©31Sean Kennedy Santos ©32

Sean Kennedy Santos ©33DSCN6183DSCN6167DSCN6189DSCN6192DSCN6206

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4 Responses to The Easter Bonnet Parade

  1. Janet Cripps says:

    Lovely photos Gabrielle. I especially like the little girl in her bonnet and matching tutu. I’d like to see Sydney have an Easter Bonnet Parade, but think it unlikely. I do so enjoy receiving your ‘reports’.

    • Thank you Janet. It really was a joy to see the creativity of lots of individual people on parade. I especially love that it’s not ‘organised’ – people just come along randomly and celebrate together. I hope you had a very happy Easter too!

  2. Kelly Ramsay says:

    Gorgeous! Especially love the little girl in the green dress and purple hat! Kel x

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