Seed for Song

With the coming of Spring, we have reintroduced our increasingly popular ‘seed for song’ program on the balcony. We started it a few years ago, and in that time have recognised blue jays, hummingbirds and finches enjoying the exchange. But on Sunday morning we were treated to a very special audience. This Red Cardinal not only paused, but posed, and gave us just enough time for proof….


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2 Responses to Seed for Song

  1. Marianne Harris says:

    Hi Gabrielle!
    I live in Metung, country Victoria, Australia, and heard you on the radio yesterday describing your Cardinal bird – so lovely to be able to see him (or her)! I love the Rosellas, Kookaburras etc that come to our garden – would love this little guy…
    I loved your enthusiasm and look forward to hearing you again!

    • Thank you Marianne. Yes, seeing that red cardinal was a real treat – especially up here on the roof in the middle of this huge bustling city. We’ve used a lot of different seed cakes, but the current one ( branded for finches ) seems to have attracted more birds than ever. So it could be the seed – or it might just be our much loved garden…. In any case, I hope he comes back. Have a laugh with the kookaburras for me! Gabrielle.

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