Spring in Central Park

It was a day of superlatives in Central park. Spectacular weather, glorious sunshine and joyous smiles on happy faces. After wonky Spring weather started, stopped and waylaid the blooming schedule of thousands of plants around the city, it was pure luck that everything came together yesterday for that one perfect day before delicate rainbow colours give way to lush summer greens.

Everyone talks on a day like this, even the horses had something to say when we rode in. The Park Rangers were plodding along on what looked like Clydesdales, but in fact they were Percherons, an old European breed known for their gentleness and strength. Hundreds of years ago they were the preferred horse of Knights, the idea of which, added to the magic of Bach lilting through the air, created romantic visions of Richard Gere and Sean Connery sallying forth to save the day. Gwendolin was nowhere in sight, but the inspiration was flowing and (under my bicycle helmet) I could feel the wind billowing in my hair as we cruised up the newly planted rhododendron drive to the Conservatory Gardens.

The gardens are on the upper east side of the park and showcase thousands and thousands of tulips and daffodils in the midst of cherry blossoms, lilacs and a magnificent towering wisteria sculpture. People wander in amazement, taking photographs where their eye can’t believe a deep red and white tulip with a blue and yellow core. Or the smell of those lilacs, or the pink blossoms falling like confetti with a passing breeze, or the colour of the petals as the sun rolls around and lights them up. It is all you can do to be there and infuse the beauty. For Nothing is as beautiful as Spring…. a strain of the earth’s sweet being in the beginning, in Eden garden…..


tulips4tulips7tulips8dog shooterlilacswisteria1wisteria

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16 Responses to Spring in Central Park

  1. Dallas Colley says:

    So beautiful, reminds me of Floriade in Canberra although much grander
    Continue to enjoy the glorious spring weather

    • Thanks Dallas! Funny I didn’t ever get to Floriade when the blossoms were at their peak. I did try though – Therese was living in Canberra at the time – we decided to have a barbecue on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin and it was SO cold we had to sit out the cooking process in sleeping bags….

  2. Katherine Woolsey says:

    So beautiful…..I loved Central Park when I was there this time last year…Thanks for the photos.

    • Thanks for reading Katherine – yes Central Park is a beautiful place at any time. You would love the new rhododendron walk they have established along the east side from about 85th to 95th. Those blooms have just started to appear and the colours are stunning…

  3. Deb Keighley says:

    I don’t know if I’ll ever get to visit Central Park, but thank you for giving us a glimpse of the beautiful spring flowers. What a gorgeous time of year in this most beautiful city..

  4. lyda clarke says:

    just beautiful !!!! I hope I get to go one day.

  5. Thank you for your photos of the park, flowers people and dogs,I heard you on 774 melbourne radio this morning, talking about the music underground and the park.

  6. Thanks for the piicture you painted last night It was so lovely–likewise the real pictures.Remindered me of our visit 2 years ago.I hear you on the ABC when I cannot sleep Joylene Barossa Valley S.A

  7. Rob Richardson says:

    Looking forward to seeing leaves on the trees in April.
    I will be in N Y on Anzac Day 2014 is there a service anywhere ?
    Rob Richardson

    • Yes Rob, there are two official services organised by the Australian Consulate-General’s office. One is a dawn service on the 25th and the other is a ticketed event on the Sunday before or after ANZAC Day. The Sunday service at the Rockefeller Center is very popular and after a few years of first come first served, this year it was a lottery system to win admission. It is a beautiful service on the rooftop looking out to St Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. My suggestion would be to get your name on the mailing list for the American Australian Association or the Consulate so you will receive an email in time to apply. Please see the following link for details…. https://www.americanaustralian.org/en/cev/1099/

  8. Robby Mac says:

    Wow I am in awe you are so busy with all your daily adventures ,replying to blogs,the radio chats .i love your beautiful words in all your articles. I have a great passion for New York City and long to return its not the shopping I love the sounds of so many different languages, the amazing buildings a Brooklyn Bridge takes my breath away .thank you for all that you are I am glad I have found your site .wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas from Robby on the Sunshine Coast

    • Thank you Robby – what a fantastic message. It sounds like you know this city well and appreciate the special things that make it so unique. It’s a pleasure to share my adventures with you and I hope you have the opportunity to come back soon. In the meanwhile have a very happy Christmas up there in the sunshine…

  9. Robby Mac says:

    Thank you ,yes there will definitely be No Snow here lots of swimming and a cold Christmas lunch by the pool .

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