Happy Mother’s Day

For mothers and daughters and sisters and maternal ones, this is your day. No matter where you are, celebrate, you are much loved….

Mother's Day

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3 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Joan Joshua says:

    And happy greetings to you too. Much appreciate your remembering mothers around the world….. some of us have been alone thinking about rewarding times over the years. Getting out into the garden is great therapy. Cheerio Joan

    • Thanks Joan – yes, the garden is certainly a great place to be. It was such a change to come to NYC and adapt to gardening in pots, and to surviving through the frozen months. So I appreciate the Spring more than ever and will post some photographs to show off my azaleas…. and lilac… and fig! I grew a (small) watermelon a couple of summers ago and sent the picture to Gardening Australia. If I can keep the birds at bay, I may be able to do the same with my fig… Happy gardening!

  2. Katherine Woolsey says:

    Thank you for your Mothers Day wishes……You have a very happy Mothers Day too. I had a lovely lunch with part of my family….others are Oceans away.

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