The Standard view

There is nothing standard about the view from the top of the hotel of the same name in the middle of the Meat Packing District. Standing over and around the High Line, with one foot in a popular biergarten and another surrounded by artworks in a transforming neighborhood, The Standard is, in a word, trendy. It is one of a growing style of properties under the umbrella of Design Hotels that are characterised by their unique style and a certain fit with their surrounds. A German fellow called Claus Sendlinger was running rave parties in Europe years ago when he decided that all the cool people in attendance would probably enjoy staying in similarly cool hotels. He was right. Now there is a community of 250 properties around the world and Claus is a happy man. He is also very generous, throwing a party this week to celebrate success in a space that has one of the most outstanding vantage points in the city. With almost 360* vision you can see the Empire State in one direction and the Freedom Tower in the other. Even New Jersey looks good from that height.

The Cloud Appreciation Society need look no further for a new clubhouse. Cocktails and clouds – what a heady combination! Sean and I joined a colorful crowd of designers, architects and New York characters swanning around. Brett Whitely appeared to be in attendance. There was champagne, perfectly sculptured canapes, high heels and hats. The room itself was totally retro, like something out of the seventies, and strangely I didn’t talk to anyone who actually liked it. This may mean there will be a new commission in the works soon, but in the meanwhile nothing can surpass the coolness of the view…

IMG_0005 copy


IMG_1574IMG_1498IMG_0017 4 28A IMG_1502

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6 Responses to The Standard view

  1. Peter says:

    Thank you for these very impressive photographs. I assume some of your readers will note the improved clarity! All the shots appear interesting and inviting (to me) complimenting your story so beautifully.

  2. Dallas Colley says:

    What an amazing look alike perhaps it was Brett! Love the cloud photographs, and I once again entered, through your link ‘The Cloud Appreciation Society’ website.Thanks again for your fabulous ability to describe places and events.

  3. Gemma Bromham says:

    Love hearing your voice and descriptions of your adventures if I can stay awake. get your emails so that is great. Gemma

  4. janet Hughson says:

    listen to you with Rod on A.B. C. in the early hours of the morning. What are the prices at the Standard it looks fantastic. I have told my New York loving friend about your blog, and my daughter is blown away from what she has seen . Janet.

    • Thanks for listening Janet, I appreciate your comments. The Standard is about $600 a night – it is a hipster hangout, with floor to ceiling views in every room. I’m told the rooftop bar can be hard to get into, but don’t let that deter you. It is definitely worth lining up!

  5. Hi Gabrielle! I’ve been looking on airbnb and tripadvisor for a Manhattan apartment for our family (10 people – 3 couples and 4 children) for 5 days Christmas 2014 and am just totally confused by it all. We live in Queensland so this would be the trip of a lifetime. I don’t suppose an apartment springs to your mind?? Its so hard to sort the wheat from the chaff online…..

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