Clubbing with Qantas

It was just like being at Wimbledon – cucumber sandwiches, champagne, and pictures of Andy Murray on every publication in sight. His triumph was not unlike my own, although mine was not 77 years in the making and I wasn’t wearing shorts. Courtesy of Qantas and the magic of friendship, I not only had a very good seat on a very last minute booking for Australia, but here I was at JFK enjoying all the comforts of The Club.

I consider flying Qantas to be an intricate part of my Australian nationalism – not so much due to successful advertising campaigns as to that fabulous feeling of welcome that accompanies the journey. I look forward to it every time. I have heard there are cuts and compromises to the flying kangaroo’s operations – there appear to be less and less toilets and the seats seem to get smaller and smaller, but there could be many other reasons for that…

Between Jackie, Anne, Derek and Stella, I feel like a Qantas queen, being indulged in not only enviable creature comforts, but also with the opportunity to pursue an ongoing curiosity. Why do some travellers have an appearance on arrival that is so much less tragic than others? While flying at the front of the plane with the ability to be horizontal anytime during a 24 hour flight does have it’s advantages, I have another theory. M & M’s at JFK and liquorice all-sorts in Sydney. The small scoop diving into the oversize jar at JFK followed by the clattering of candies into a cup alerted me to the popularity of the practice. Apparently at the Club in Sydney patrons complain if the all-sorts are all gone, so maybe I’m onto a sweet secret. A little indulgence may make a first class difference to that crumbled complexion and now that I am in the land of Haighs and Hoadleys, I am on a mission. Between here and Port Lincoln it’s time for some serious clubbing…





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9 Responses to Clubbing with Qantas

  1. I know just what you mean- boarding Qantas in LA to fly home, brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, and when I enter the lounge in Sydney airport, transitting on to Adelaide, after that heavenly shower, I head straight for,the toaster and have toast, well done, cooled, smothered in Vegemite with a large mug of English Breakfast Tea. Aah! Then, I head straight for the large jar of licorice all sorts. Home!,

  2. I couldn’t agree more, but I think it’s hearing the Aussie accent that does me in. Did you ever read A Town like Alice? There’s a part in that where the heroine, during WWII, is walking across Malaya as a prisoner of the Japanese with other women and children. And she hears an Australian accent coming from a lean, brown, laconic Australian soldier, also a prisoner. I still remember the thrill of that. And once when I was coming home from Europe, I got into a queue and heard for the first time in a month, a broad Aussie accent. I nearly melted on the floor! ps you have to love a good licorice all sort, with the thrill of eating it layer by layer, or biting all the way through all the layers. Yum! Have a great trip home!

  3. janet Hughson says:

    any thing would be better than Virgin!!

  4. Marion Kruger says:

    Happy landings! I love your reports. What is your relationship to the other famous Fitzgerald, our gorgeous tennis player. I love your report on the ABC too.
    I must say I do not agree with your Qantas remarks, Singapore Air know how to treat people and the toilets on their planes are kept clean. I do miss the music when boarding though, “I still call Australia Home”
    Best wishes and keep up the good work

    • Thanks Marion. John Fitzgerald is my cousin ( our fathers are brothers ) – in fact his parents, Bas and Dora are my God-parents and I’m hoping to catch up with them in Cockaleechie this week.
      It’s great to be home!

  5. I love your reports and I also love to hear you on early mornings on 774 radio.good luck with your very good seating lucky.I love flying Virgin Blue

  6. Good on you, Fitzy. Last photo: my favourite. I love liquorice all-sorts!!

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