Frayed Knot

Williamsburg is a hub of artistic activity and of all the suburbs of NYC is known for it’s innovative vibe. So when I heard about a colourful installation that had been woven onto the walkway of the Williamsburg Bridge I pedaled over on Saturday morning with much anticipation. A street artist called HOTTEA had spun a tunnel of wool and the sun shining through the rainbow of colours at the entrance to the pedestrian walkway would be glorious. But by the time I arrived all that remained were a few strands of wool, a sequence of knots where the colorful pattern would have been sewn to the bridge. How disappointing – and it had only been up for a matter of days. Perhaps this means the new art of Williamsburg does not have the staying power of the old art of Manhattan – or that street art, no matter how beautiful, is very transient. However my ride over the East River was hardly a waste of time. The view from the top of the bridge was breathtaking, there was plenty of graffiti to spark a real political debate along the way, and the exercise of the long slow incline leading on and off the bridge was a healthy start to the weekend. Oh and there was also the joke that was cogged by the tufted remains of Hottea’s installation. Did you hear the one about the three pieces of string that walked into a bar….?




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1 Response to Frayed Knot

  1. When they have ephemeral outdoor exhibitions here in Cairns and Townsville in Queensland, they always get vandalized. It is sad that people can not recognize artists trying to bring art to all people and get it out of the galleries. On the graffiti ~ some of the Street Art was once considered graffiti and is now so popular that it doesn’t get vandalized. Strange really. Great view from the top of that bridge.

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