Square dancing off Broadway

Until relatively recently the first week of September always meant Fashion Week in Bryant Park. But now that the high heeled fashionistas have been relegated to the Lincoln Center uptown, the Park can be given over to more jocular boot scootin’ activities. Like Square dancing. For the first night of the Fall program hundreds of people took the advice of the small print on the fliers that proclaimed no experience or partner was necessary and turned up with enthusiasm. They came from work with lap tops and shopping bags in tow and gathered in their cowboy hats to swing rope, line dance and promenade to the music of the Foot and Fiddle Dance Co. Pat Cannon called the moves, and as the circle grew with short people having to step downtown while tall people stepped uptown and the music went from blue grass to blue suede shoes, it all became a riot of fun. It was hard to believe we were in the middle of New York City on a grassy dance floor, half way between Times Square and the Empire State. But that’s the joy of it, and there will be more on September 20th and 25th – just remember you have to do-si-do, and swing around before you can promenade…


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6 Responses to Square dancing off Broadway

  1. Vivienne says:

    Such fun!

  2. Dallas Colley says:

    Oh yes, grab your partner do-si-do and swing around! Great pics too

  3. looks like a great time had by all,love the pics.

  4. Annie C says:

    That looks like so much fun – I would love to see something like this held in Melbourne!

  5. Victorian Square Dancers put on a demonstration dance in the very early days of Federation Square – where else! Probably time to do it again!
    Come and join us at @squaredance.victoria

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