The Ghost who walks

For we diehard Phantom phans, the intrigue of a man who works incognito is not lost. So when Banksy, the famous but anonymous graffiti artist announced he would be creating a new artwork in NYC for every day in October, the spies were out. As with all masked men you have to be quick. No sooner has the artist stenciled his signature style on a street canvas than the building owners or other painters have either tarnished or tagged it. On the edge of Chinatown a most irate woman ( she had keys to the musical building ) proclaimed loudly that if people want to paint on walls they should buy the building first. Knowing that Banksy pieces have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and walls have been pulled down to preserve his signature, she probably should have stood guard until Christies arrived… Still there are quite a few days left in the month and while we may not actually see the guy in the tight fitting suit, we do know that the street artist will never die….



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  1. good street art , very nice work

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