Crispy on the west side

It was a weekend of great crispness. Firstly because of the summer finally giving way to Autumn, encouraging a brisk pace across Central Park, and secondly because of the nature of our destination. I had been looking forward expectantly to seeing the reds and yellows of the falling leaves in the Park, but instead there was an absolute sea of hot pink. Sunday was the Breast Cancer Awareness walk in the city and many hundreds of people turned out with the joy of colour and commitment.

It wasn’t until arriving at the Treat House on Amsterdam and 82nd that Autumn appeared in a rush. Orange pumpkins, oak leaves and candy corn were in abundance but in this case they were sweet additions to treats made exclusively of rice crispies. The concept came from restaurateur parents helping their young sons with a fund raising street stall. There was such a great response that they decided to hire a pastry chef and make the bake sale permanent. The rest may be history – the Treat House has only been open for a couple of months – but I can imagine the two boys are the most popular children in class…


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