Frozen Skyline

In case you are wondering what clothes to bring to NYC this Christmas, you’ll need more than your Speedos. An hour on the balcony after my swim this morning and my bathers didn’t dry, they froze!


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5 Responses to Frozen Skyline

  1. Rob Richardson says:

    Just as well it wasn’t a Mankini ……. Lol

  2. Louise says:

    ooh chilly! Gabrielle put some clothes on! xoxo

  3. Peter says:

    Totally agree, we have been here 3 days now and have had snow, ice and today I don’t believe the temprature reached anything over 0 and that is without wind chill.

    • ….and today is 3 below! Definitely a day to layer up, and wear long johns if you are planning to be outside exploring Christmas windows and markets. Might be a good day for MOMA, MAD or the MET. If you brave the ice rink in Bryant Park, warm up in the NY Public Library, then skip down to the Campbell Apartment at Grand Central for a glass of pop and catch the light show while you’re there. Grab a bus on Madison and ride up through the upper east side to Harlem. Have lunch at the Red Rooster and ride another bus all the way back down fifth ave past through all the Christmas lights… Great way to see the sights and keep warm. Have fun!

  4. Dallas Colley says:

    Hilarious! I hope the pool is heated

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