Hurricane Hercules

Hercules was not the hurricane we were expecting. Instead of the fury of 56 KM winds and zero visibility, we awoke to a feathery stillness on Friday morning with a good six inches of snow and glorious blue skies and sunshine. The snow had sprinkled all night in true icing-sugar fashion, and was so fairy light, we could hardly form a decent snow ball. So Majella’s inaugural snow fight was more like a powdering than a pounding, and the snowman had to be happy without a neck. It was the perfect end to fabulous family festivities as my gorgeous niece is now in transit back to Australia and will soon be exchanging snow for sand. Bonne fest, happy days and thank God the world is round…



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4 Responses to Hurricane Hercules

  1. Gaye Stimson says:

    Hi Gabrielle,
    I enjoy hearing your account of life in NY on the radio so now I can see and look forward to your
    Fitzyreport. What contrast our world is. I’m holidaying on a beautiful beach on Eyre Peninsula in SA and although the weather is cool at the moment the 30 degree days are just around the corner.
    Thank you for your fantastic entertaining reports of NY.

    • Thank you for listening Gaye & for that wonderful image of a beach on Eyre Peninsula. Tumby Bay? I can just see it – white sand, blue water and glorious sunshine. What a contrast indeed. We are expecting more snow tomorrow and then down to -7C on Tuesday – but the sun is shining! Enjoy your holiday and happy new year.

  2. Dallas Colley says:

    Bonne fest indeed! Beautiful photos. I think if a saw a photo of you and Majella together would be difficult to distinquish between you…gorgeous

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