Happy Australia Day!

The skies this morning in NYC were as blue as the poster outside The Australian, but the icicles on the balcony opposite us, and the snow still whipped into frozen peaks outside our windows, reminded us that while it was not exactly barbecue weather, it was perfect for keeping the lamingtons from melting. Not that there was any chance of them lasting that long, especially when the whole city had been alerted to the auspiciousness of the day. It was a proud moment to see the green and gold beaming out from the Empire State Building tonight – a first thanks to Mr Jackman. It helps to have friends in high places…


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12 Responses to Happy Australia Day!

  1. Shelley Dark says:

    Love all your reports, thank you! How amazing to have the Empire State green and gold! Your lamingtons look pretty good too.

  2. happy Australia day the lamingtons look yummy

  3. Clyde Britton says:

    Thanks for the photos of the big apple Gab love the one of the World Trade Centre light up in the great aussie colors

  4. Annie C says:

    Did you make the lamingtons – they look so delicious!

  5. Chris Kerrigan says:

    The Empire State Building looked great clothed in green and gold. Can’t wait to see the real thing 🙂

  6. Dallas Colley says:

    Very impressive lamingtons indeed! I hope you were wearing your best pinny when you were making them. Sure sounds weird, snow on Australia Day, hopefully at least one rendition of Waltzing Matilda!

  7. Love all your stories about New York. I am sure those laminations didn’t last long. All the best.

  8. Wayne says:

    Hi Gabrielle,

    Love your segment with Rod on ABC Overnight’s listened for many years.

    We are travelling to NYC staying at an Apartment W49th Street Midtown.
    We are in our early 50’s with two children 21 Tayla & 19 Jack.

    We have four days in NYC to take in the sights…20th April to 24th April 2014.

    My wife Lisa is an Ex-Australian Ballet Performer and has danced all her life and
    is currently a Pilates Teacher with her own studio.

    Myself a Photographer from way back!

    We’re looking for a great show on Broadway, take in the sights and enjoy a
    good meals (not too expensive)…Oh and a good Gym for our son Jack!
    Look forward to your suggestions, thank you in advance!

    As always love your work.

    Wayne Lisa Tayla & Jack

    • Thanks Wayne – four days in NYC… you are going to be busy!
      There has been much talk here of a new show on Broadway called ‘After Midnight‘. It is based on the legendary Cotton Club in Harlem and features Wynton Marsalis’ jazz orchestra from the Lincoln Center. It sounds like it would be perfect for all four of you – lots of dance, classic NY music and razzmatazz. There are many shows to see of course, but the challenge is to find something that you all would enjoy.
      West 49th is a great central location to stay but generally avoid the restaurants and eateries in Times Square as they are expensive and not very good. The Gramercy Tavern on East 20th is ( I think ) the best restaurant in NYC. Casual and no bookings at the front, more formal and bookings essential at the back. For very casual and hearty try Mighty Quinns on the lower East side for BBQ ( have the brisket ). Near you on west 47th and 11th ave there is a hotel called INK 48 – they have a roof top bar with a fantastic view.
      For Jack – he could try the gym at Grand Central Station, or for something completely different the Trapeze School on top of Pier 40.
      Use the categories on the right hand side of my blog to find more information. But double check all the eateries especially – they can disappear overnight…
      Have fun and let me know how you go…

      • Wayne Donovan says:

        Gabrielle you’ve done it again, come up with the goods! Thank you so much for your insight and advice…

        We are all very excited and as you mentioned it’s a brief stay however we’ll endeavour to take in as much as we can.

        Thank you so much for your reply. Look forward to hearing you on ABC in the near future! Cheers Wayne

  9. vessel425 says:

    Am not receiving your reports since changing my address to vessel425@bigpond.com

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