Superbowl on Broadway

I have never understood the Superbowl. It’s ‘football’ for one thing, but with well over 100 million viewers it is also the most watched broadcast on American television. So I had to investigate this week when the giant footy frenzy came to Broadway. From Macy’s to Times Square, an easter show of giant proportion set up tents and treats and even a toboggan run to coincide with Superbowl XLVIII. For the first time ever, the game was to be held in a cold state ( as opposed to a southern state ) and to be held outside, not in the usual domed arena. New York and New Jersey jointly pitched for the privilege to host the event, and winning was akin to being chosen to stage the Olympics. The actual game would be played over the river, but the fanfest would be all NYC.

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos are the final contenders for the trophy, and while jocular gibing between loyalists and oi oi oi activity were a given on Broadway yesterday, the atmosphere was more a celebration of football itself. Hundreds of volunteers donned yellow jackets to be part of the event, our newly crowned Mayor de Blasio took a turn on the toboggan run, and thousands of people joined the party to pose as a player or to line up for an autograph.

David Beckham was scheduled to make an appearance and the look of the security guard deterred anyone from creeping on the queue. My comment that I didn’t think this was David’s game was met with amazement, as he is now welcomed as a fashion designer. So bending it like Beckham has become trending it like Beckham. Even the police dogs were out in blue boots… So I’ll leave football to the fans, and enjoy the peace of the city from kickoff on Sunday. By then the queue for the toboggan ride might even be gone…


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2 Responses to Superbowl on Broadway

  1. Dallas Colley says:

    Ditto from me re “The Super Bowl”, goodluck for the queue to shorten, and guess what I love the pics!! Hearts to you

  2. Deb Keighley says:

    What an atmosphere! No doubt about NY – that city sure knows how to celebrate!

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