A New York Moment

Some serendipity moments cry out for a caption. While I maneuvered to capture this one from the privacy of the rear, it occurred to me ( with gratitude! ) that when my parents go out to lunch they only have to take their wallet…..


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6 Responses to A New York Moment

  1. Laurie Collins - Mayor - District Council of Tumby Bay says:

    Why do people always assume the wrong message! This couple had just bought this commode chair and were taking it to the Shack at Wiseman’s Beach so that there was a proper seat to use when the holiday season returned??

  2. Louise says:

    Hilarious! That’s some “portaloo!” The things you see in NY!

  3. Rob says:

    The latest in Shopping Trolly’s

  4. Robyn Higson says:

    I have the impression this couple has just purchased the commode and carrying it home to save paying the $25.00 delivery charge!

  5. Dallas Colley says:

    Oh dear! this is a very handy aid, one that I have recently needed. Not good for shopping as it has a hole in the base, and is in fact a toilet seat raiser to make the task of sitting easier and lessen the strain on the hip joint.
    Nonetheless this is a terrific photo and I love the responses

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