The Governor’s Lawn Party

Even the sun could not resist the idea of 50 hammocks, unoccupied, just swinging there solo on Governor’s Island. And not just hammocks. The entire eastern end of the island has been transformed from navy stronghold to public park, with rolling green playing fields, forests of trees, and telephoto art dialed in for the season. With swings there are also swingers, and the annual Jazz Age Lawn party was about to kick off. So after days and days of rain and thunderstorms, the clouds parted and under sunny skies Sean & I packed a picnic and joined the flappers in the queue for the ferry…

The hive of hammocks I anticipated turned out to be more like a designers jigsaw puzzle woven through newly planted trees and the sturdy supporting trunks of older ones. Hammocks and swings were strung in and around roped structures that became a treasure hunt for the small and big bottomed alike. We scored a one-size-fits-all basket hammock that was hard to relinquish – or to get out of once in, especially when there was someone to push.

The music lured us on as Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra tuned in the brass. But the air traffic overhead was distracting, not only because it made a sculptural swarm of 30,000 plastic cups seem strangely real, but because the futuristic aircraft were flying low in synchronized sweeps across the harbour. From Governor’s Island to Ellis Island, around the Statue of Liberty and back again. The V-22 Osprey were an ominous sight and with the Australian PM in town, maybe the hardware was hosting a spin over the sights and the off-shore facilities…

In any case the music won out. The costumes were better than ever this year, a tribute to the industry and authenticity of the merchants in residence. Corey Miller from Prohibition Clothing was not only an extremely dapper man, but his knowledge of the dark dry days was diabolic. In fact Corey’s parents live in a community in Ohio that only recently legalized the sale of alcohol – and that was only because they wanted the revenue that was being lost due to the locals pursuing proofed refreshments across the county line. It turns out Prohibition still reigns in 10% of the country today. But that did not include Governor’s Island on the weekend. Mr Miller strutted his handmade holster fitted with a superbly stylish flask, and there was no shortage of juleps or Jack Daniels to fill it. With the music and dancing in full swing I couldn’t resist a small purchase, a badge that announced ‘the happy days are here again!’


DSCN9090DSCN9092DSCN9108DSCN9120DSCN9132DSCN9144DSCN9167DSCN9140Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset


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3 Responses to The Governor’s Lawn Party

  1. Dallas Colley says:


  2. lyndaclarke says:

    I love you bike everywere you can! when is taxi man movie coming? when are you on ABC again?

    • Yes Linda, the bikes are a great part of our life and I can’t imagine living here without them. Especially now that it really is the picnic season. The movie we made did not make it to the cinemas ( thank you for asking! ), but hold that thought as we are working on another, bigger, more amazing project – this time fictional and a psychological thriller. Very exciting. We are in pre-production now and I will be reporting the stories as soon as we take off. I’m on the ABC every second week, so the next time will be your Friday early am on August 4th. But you can always read the blog as 3am listening is a big ask!

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