Moonshine & Moet

There were more fireworks than usual this forth of July in downtown Manhattan. Te’sa Love, married her love, Tom Ballanco, and together they formed TNT. No exaggeration, it was an explosive affair. James Brown rocked the welcome, platters of fresh crab and sushi sustained the guests while we waited ( 2 hours! ) for the bride, and champagne flowed as if trying to quench the joy of the moment.

Sean and I worked with Te’sa as our model on a fashion shoot a few years ago in an abandoned holiday village in upstate New York. In the middle of nowhere this village was overgrown and spooky, with racquets still on the tennis courts and hay in the barn as though waiting for horses to return from their ride and players to their match. Te’sa was an unforgettably energetic muse and the photographs went on to grace the Modern Art Museum in Beijing.

The wedding dress code on Friday was bohemian chic, and this turned out to be as much a state of mind as of dress. Models wafted by with enviable altitude, tattooed grandmothers posed freshly inked, the mother of the bride led a yoga chant, and people danced the tango with a passion you would only expect in the movies. It was fantastic. There were miniature jars of moonshine lined up with red and white wine glasses on the dinner table to reflect the extremes of taste. I spoke to a pink shoed southern belle who travelled to Byron Bay from Texas on her private jet and I met my first medical marijuana grower. But the most surprising job of the night went to the best man. He managed to disentangle the bride from her bridesmaid after a spontaneous hug, and to produce the ring when the script directed. Not bad for someone who usually gets to play the lead role…

DSCN9398Processed with VSCOcam with 5 presetDSCN9434DSCN9437DSCN9435

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  1. Eileen Ballanco says:

    What a great article,Tom, I love it! I printed it out. Some of the pictures were cut off, but I think Evelyn will be able to redo them. Te’sa, I am amazed how you have learned everyone’s name and you know where they fit in the family. We’re happy to add you to the family tree. It was great seeing you both. Thanks so much for sending this. Love, Mom

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