Full kilt

Contemplating a wee dram in a Scottish bar in the middle of Times Square while the highlands and the lowlands voted on where they stood as a nation was a memorable pause. Whisky is Scotland’s third biggest source of revenue and after Thursday night, it may even overtake oil. It was a great day for the Scots – yes or no – if the sense of excitement in St Andrews was anything to go by. As one of the few Scottish pubs in the city, the 46th street tavern was a hub of anticipation. An NBC crew took up residence in the street outside as a local lawman & his mount looked about optimistically for curbside refreshment. Televisions broadcast commentary from behind the bar but there was little chance of early reports being heard above the crowd. The woman next to me was looking for a real Scot – ‘I can never understand what they say’, she said, ‘but I love the way they talk’. While the message in the Times by Alan Cumming earlier in the week was enough to encourage the Queen to delay her annual Gala at Balmoral, just in case, the result was not yes we can. But the spirited conversation about identity and independence is on-going and who knows who the Scots may inspire…. Australia…?


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5 Responses to Full kilt

  1. Dallas Colley says:

    Marvelous, and on the very day we heard that women can now become full members of the Ancient St Andrews golf club!

  2. ck1957 says:

    Loved this Gabrielle, it reminded us of our trip to Scotalnd a couple of weeks ago. I’ve sent you a message on Skype re arriving in New York on 29th September. Chris and Steve šŸ™‚

  3. Andrew Box says:

    Being of Scottish descent I am not surprised this is the only Scottish restaurant in New York.

    The Scots have many things to be proud of but in general their culinary delights have not in the past been one of them. Cruel but fair.

    PS: I can understand you banning me from your blog after this.
    Andrew Box

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