Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall by American definition generally refers to a small obscure place, and of course in Australia it is the name associated with a cash dispenser. A new coffee shop in East midtown takes on both these meanings to great effect – although I don’t think it will be obscure for very long. Forget the local village cafe, this Perth born barista and business man has his sights set on skyscrapers. Where he currently sends the alluring aromas of coffee up 20 floors at 420 Fifth Avenue, in a few months he will crack another hole in the wall in a 30 floor building further uptown. Pristinely neutral marble foyers are about to take on a whole new aroma. And if the number of takeaway cups at the ready behind the coffee machine are any indication, this guy is successfully taking on a very niche market.

Apart from the excellent flat white, there are no visible signs of an Australian connection. The coffee comes from Denver, the donuts from Dough in Brooklyn and the soup from Hale and Hearty. There are no lamingtons, no vegemite, and no mashed avocado on toast. Perhaps the accent is enough, and Australian cafes in NYC have become synonymous with coffee in the way that the Scandinavians have with chocolate or the French with pastry. Not to mention the Irish, who’s pubs around the world have a reputation come hell or high water…


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1 Response to Hole in the Wall

  1. Dallas Colley says:

    Very snazzy

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