Happy New Year!

The epicenter of iconic New Year celebrations rippled out from Times Square last night to the joy of us all. Welcome 2015! Standing on our roof froze the moment in time – literally – and we go forward with much anticipation for the best year yet. Thank you to everyone for being part of the past year, for listening and reading and sharing stories. Thank you also for your letters and comments which always inspire me to do more. Let’s see what we can do with 2015!

happ new year

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14 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Lyndl Marshall says:

    Dear Gabrielle,

    You have taken on the mantle of a REAL New Yorker! Watching the celebrations from afar — smart move. 2014 is now in the rear view mirror. Onward into 2015! I know that success is in the cards for you. Your Reports are so interesting and, from the viewpoint of a native, inspiring. Keep up the really fine work! Lyndl Marshall New York City

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  2. Dallas says:

    Happy New Year Greetings to you Gabrielle I echo your sentiments hoping this year is full of new adventures and challenges and lots of contact with dear friends and family.

  3. ck1957 says:

    Happy New Year Gabrielle & Sean!! I love reading your stories and seeing your beautiful photos. They bring back happy memories of our trip to your great city. I love that feeling of having a shiny new year waiting for us to fill it with happy memories and adventures. xxx

    • Thank you Chris and the same to you! Yes, we have a very shiny new year – just the turning of the clock brings us this fresh surge of energy for a whole year untouched. Hope to see you along the way…

  4. Bernadette Cook says:

    Happy new year Gabrielle love it when The Fitzy Report pops into my in box. I’m hoping to come to New York this year so love the inspiration your reports and pics provide. Thanks and happy days
    Bernadette x

  5. Chrissy Hirst says:

    Your comments, photos and ”take” on the Big Apple are always inspirational Gabrielle! I’lltry & inspire you back….:)

  6. Annette Blake says:

    I also love it when a fitzreport pops into my box, you give me lots of lovely memories of New York, and I love the photos you send, each report I find something else to add to my next time notes.
    Happy New Year from a very hot Warrnambool Victoria.

  7. Jenny Crimmins says:

    Thank YOU Fitzy for your wonderful imaginative stories.

    Happy New Year

    Jenny Crimmins

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  8. Happy New Year in 2015 to you Ms. Fitzgerald & your family. Always a great excuse to stay awake for your latest reports. I have also been listening to “The Bowery Boys” excellent podcasts for the last year or so… a great way to learn about the true history of people, places and events emanating from New York overs the last few centuries – great stuff! I hope to tune in again soon for your latest report. All the very best.
    Ciao Bella!

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