Everything’s A OK!

It took decades to get the song out of my head the first time and now here we go again! Sesame Street’s Muppets are in town to celebrate their 45th birthday and they haven’t aged a bit. The Cookie Monster still has an appetite, the original rubber duckie doesn’t even have a watermark, and Oscar the Grouch was smiling for the occasion. The New York Public Library constantly evolves with all aspects of education, and helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder is an ongoing challenge. But this exhibition joyfully walks through Jim Henson’s original sketches as well as the logistics that were left to the engineers. It’s a real treat. Feathers, foam and fur. Strangely, The Muppet Show was actually financed and produced in the UK because the American networks thought the puppets would only appeal to children. If they could only have fast forwarded to 2015 and seen how many adult children were still wanting to get to Sesame Street, they would have had no hesitation…



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2 Responses to Everything’s A OK!

  1. Dallas says:

    How fabulous however where is Miss Piggy in all this fanfare, I hear a faint “Moi” and it is not from a perfume bottle!

  2. Louise says:

    Beloved by generations! The songs live on in family folklore and were a big part of learning that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing this great exhibition Gabrielle!

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