Al dente

Indecision is a terrible thing. On a freezing day this week when coffee and hot chocolate were alluring alternatives around the hot spots of the Flatiron, the best decision finally came spontaneously. Pasta! Sean and I were only slightly peckish when we crossed Eataly‘s hearth of hospitality, but by the time we wandered through all the color and collective deliciousness of their maze di mangiare, we were starving. Maybe that’s why there is a little trattoria at the back, tucked in behind the fresh bread and homemade pasta. The designers knew that by the time you found that, the smell would be the last straw.

Ragout always speaks to me. Calls out actually, no competition, no need for an actual menu. But our waiter was full of suggestions regardless. Despite looking Italian, he said, he was actually Puerto Rican, and so believed in free shots. Wine glasses quickly ensued with generous tastings of possible pairings. His spiel may have been said repeatedly to every guest every day, but it didn’t matter, it was entertainment and fun. And that was before the giant cheese grater even arrived. Pizza and pasta were offered side by side from separate kitchens which means they may arrive unsynchronized. But hey, it was a pasta day and it was delicious.

Desert was not on the menu. That is, the movable feast that is Eataly demands you walk between courses and find a new venue for afters. This was not difficult, and the gentle exercise found reward in a hazelnut mousse with whole nuts and a thin crunch of chocolate – with a wafer-small expresso of course…


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7 Responses to Al dente

  1. paul Goulding says:

    Thank you again for another fantastic insider report on New Your . You are a Star

  2. Dianne Fusedale says:

    It’s our favourite place to eat when we are in NY!

    • Good for you Dianne – when you find these places that are so good and so reliable you just want to keep going back. I wonder if you had that same waiter who’s comments repeated around the room with equal enthusiasm…?

  3. Dallas says:

    Yum and two very impressive cheese graters, two empty plates a testament to the delight

    • Can you believe that grater?! I ended up with much more cheese than I should have, but it was such a sight I didn’t want to stop him. And I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the empty plates. It really was very delicious and tonight of course I am working on making a short rib ragout at home. I wonder what the equivalent is in Vietnam….?!

  4. thanks for making me hungry

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