Frozen melting moment

Who needs roses when you have crystals….? frozen flora

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2 Responses to Frozen melting moment

  1. Terry Lee says:

    Such a contrast between your climes and the climes of the Mallee country in north western Victoria. Your photograph chills by just looking at it!

    We are experiencing day time temperatures in and around 40C (forecast for at least a week to 120 days ahead) and balmy nights not less than low 20C. This was after a ‘mild’ January which saw solid rainfalls across the State. The hardy folks of Western Australia are toughing it out too with their brutal bushfires raging in parts of that State.

    Of course, it is a sobering time as the dreadful Victoria bushfires occurred around this time in 2009 with the enormous loss of life, injury, damage of fauna/flora and property.

    Terry Lee
    Kerang : Victoria

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