Les Poules

The snow has gone. After weeks and weeks of record breaking icy conditions, la neige disappeared overnight. New York rejoices, but feathered friends, Genevieve (L) and Simone (R), sub-leasers of our French neighbors, are particularly pleased. As the snow melted away layer upon layer of frozen dinners, their 12th floor penthouse loft has again become a familiar hunting ground, and at last the salad season can begin…


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5 Responses to Les Poules

  1. Chrissy Hirst says:

    Chooks on the 12th floor? OMG you must be worried if they enlarge the girls’s world with a rooster!! 🙂

  2. Remy Bewley says:

    That’s a world of difference from the local girls here whom enjoy the open spaces at Yanakie with a view of Wilson’s Prom….maybe Pollo timeshare..?..fascinating….!

  3. Dallas says:

    How fantastic, 12 floor inhabitants Genevieve & Simone two very fine girls

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